Documentation Working Group Charter

Note: this is a copy of the charter document that will be updated regularly. For the latest version please read the actual DocWG charter as found in the governance git repository.

Technical Working Group


The mission of the Technical Working Group (TWG) is to make sure that the Drupal project has efficient technical policies, procedures, and standards as required to keep the "technical" side of our community operating smoothly.

The TWG's job is to ensure that the necessary policies, procedures, and standards exist to address technical concerns affecting the Drupal community. This includes items that affect all projects, such as the Drupal coding standards, Git repository usage and licensing policies, and Drupal's full-project approval process. The TWG does not necessarily author and maintain these policies itself, but merely ensures that they exist, are well maintained, and that they are successful. To do so, they appoint and empower individuals or groups within the community to care for these policies and review them as needed.

Community Working Group


The mission of the Community Working Group (CWG) is to uphold the Drupal Code of Conduct in order to maintain a friendly and welcoming community for the Drupal project.

The CWG acts as a group to maintain documentation and processes focused on the health of the community. In case of disagreements, they guide community members through the conflict resolution process in an effort to help defuse tense situations and keep discussions productive. In rare cases of intractable conflicts, they act as a point of escalation, mediation, and/or final arbitration for the Drupal community.

For more information, read the Full Charter and Background / historical discussion.

The policies we will create and maintain will be found in the Drupal Git repository.


The current members of the CWG are:

Security Team Structure and responsibilities

To accomplish their goals, the Security Team has been organized into the following roles:

Security Team Lead

The security team lead is the point person for the team, is responsible for ensuring the security team has the tools and resources necessary to function smoothly, and for pushing debates toward a decision and sometimes making decisions when consensus doesn't arise.

The current security team lead is Michael "mlhess" Hess.

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