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Geofield is a Drupal 8 module that provides a field type for storing geographic data. This data can be attached to any entity, e.g., nodes, users and taxonomy terms. Geofield provides different widgets for data input and formatters for data output. It integrates with other mapping modules (including ... and Geocoder),

Styled Google Map

Styled Google Map is a module that integrates as a geofield formatter. You have options that include setting a custom map style, custom marker and custom marker icon.


Install and enable the Geofield module and its required module Styled Google Map in the usual way. Learn more about installing Drupal modules.

Addressfield Autocomplete, Geofield and Geocoder work together

This page describes how you can configure Addressfield Autocomplete module with Address Field, geocode the coordinates to a Geofield and show the point on map.


Let’s say we have a content type "Tournament" which has an Address Field for the place where the tournament is played.

Search API Location Views

These screenshots show shortly how to add an exposed filter for a Geofield to a Search API-powered view:

Required modules:

Search API Location, Search API Location Views

Fields to index (for Geofield "Location"):
Location » LatLong Pair

Search API Location

The Search API Location project, in its current 7.x-2.x branch, offers Search API integration for Geofields or custom location data.

Basic Dealer Locator, User Locator, Store Locator proximity search

The Goal: Five minutes to location based search results

This page will describe how to create a basic Dealer Locator, User Locator, Store Locator, etc with proximity search. The results will be displayed using Views. Your users will be able to search using friendly strings, such as "City, State", "State", "Province", and "Post/Zipcode" and return a result list ordered by proximity/distance.


The result will not show a map, only a simple list of results ordered by proximity.

There is a lot of documentation in the Drupal geolocation community that is focused on creating maps, which can make anyone new to the Drupal geocoding modules confused about where to begin for simple requirements. Fear not, the steps are actually very easy to accomplish, and you will have a 'store locator' running in minutes.


Required modules


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