Adding content on Drupal 7

In this example you will learn how to add content to a Drupal 7 site.

Before we begin: Make sure you are logged in as a user who has the right to create content – ask your system administrator if you are not sure; otherwise, some of the fields you need to select will not be visible.

  1. Select Add content from the front page (either in the Navigation menu or one of the menus un the header.
    Add content
  2. This brings up a screen asking what type of content you wish to add.
    Select Article
  3. Select Article. The only major difference between Basic Page and Article is that you have the ability to upload an image when creating an Article; a Basic Page is for a static page.
  4. A form will appear allowing you to enter information for your Article.
    Add Content Form
  5. Enter a Title for the page in the Title text box: for example, Test Article.
  6. In the Body area enter some text. If you have an already written block of text for your site, you can just cut and paste it into this area.
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