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In order to activate this module you have to get one of audio players from the following links
1. *Note make sure you should download the standalone edition
( no longer offers the music players)
6. Install FlowPlayer module ( to use Flowplayer (optional)
7. VERSION 2.0, not 2.1 (7.x-1.x only)
8. Soundmanager2
9. Use Google reader player, no installation required. NEW

Where to extract the players?

Once you have installed any of the above audio players you must create a new folder called "player "at this
directory "sites/all/libraries". Now you can unzip the audio players directly into the "player" folder.


Documentation for the AudioField module.


Install and enable the Audiofield module in the usual way. Learn about installing Drupal modules.


Configure the audiofield at Administration > Configuration > Media ( For Drupal 6 that is You can choose the default player and set the folder where the module can find the players. The player you select will be used as default player for all audio files.

Add an audio field to the content type

You can add an audiofield to any entity (content type, user, taxonomy et cetera).

  • Add a field via the Manage fields tabS
  • Select field type "File"
  • Select widget "Audio Upload"

If you need further help managing fields read more about fields in Drupal.


  1. Audiofield's default is Google Reader MP3 Player CURRENTLY BROKEN [#2033375‎]
  2. The Standalone WordPress player. Make sure you download the standalone edition
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