Using bounds_changed on a map

Here is an example demonstrating the use of 'bounds_changed' in javascript.
It assumes your map id is 'key_1', that you have a page identifier class 'view-display-id-page'
and that 'show maplinks' is enabled in the view. Any markers that fall outside the viewport will be hidden in the list of links.
Edit 'mytheme_script' to whatever suits your needs.

Embed GetLocations Map using Views

Here is an example of how to embed a map into a block or page.
First ensure that you have the view that you want to embed enabled, set up and running. For instance if you wanted to embed the block in view "Getlocations Map Nearby" you could clone the block, naming it something like "block_embed" and then add the following php snippet to your page:

echo views_embed_view('getlocations_map_nearby', 'block_embed');

You will of course need to set the text format to "PHP Code".

Search API Location Views

These screenshots show shortly how to add an exposed filter for a Geofield to a Search API-powered view:

Required modules:

Search API Location, Search API Location Views

Fields to index (for Geofield "Location"):
Location » LatLong Pair

Search API Location

The Search API Location project, in its current 7.x-2.x branch, offers Search API integration for Geofields or custom location data.


Mapping is a framework to easy create other mapping modules to allow map providers. Dependent modules will count with all magic things Ctools offers. Mapping will not save geographic data, it is responsible only for map configurations.

What Mapping module offers:

For Developers:

  • A main hook to declare a map in code in a simple manner.
  • Hooks to create in code a maker style
  • Easily create plugins (via Ctools)
    • Map plugins may be a different map projection, for example.
    • Style plugins may be a different way to represent markers
    • Behavior plugins, for example Leaflet Markcluster for a Leaflet map
  • A centralized way to store plugins configurations
  • Plugins configurations are automagically exportable via Features
  • Plugins configurations can live on code AND be customized by UI
  • Plugins configurations that were in code and become customized will live in database
  • Customized plugins configurations can be exported via Features or custom code.

For Users


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