Renaming entity properties

Yes, you can change the label of any property. This is how you do it:

  1. Go to "Manage Properties"
  2. Under "Add new Properties" fill the values to match the title property (type = text, name = Title, behavior = title)
  3. Click "Edit" on machine-name
  4. Now change "Name" (the label of the property) to whatever you like
  5. Click "Add Property"
  6. Click "Save"

This interface will be improved at some point. Consider helping out with a patch.

Pathauto Patterns that can be Dangerous

Certain patterns can be harmful or dangerous for your site.

Aliases that begin at the root

If you have an alias such as [title-raw] for a piece of content that users can create you allow them to create pages like "" that are used to authenticate Google or Yahoo! webmaster tools. This then allows the user to authenticate as the owner of the site and control the entries inside those tools (including removing your site from the index, changing between www and no-www versions of your site, telling the search bot to visit less frequently). This is not the default and is not recommended. If you want short aliases at a minimum make your pattern something like "c/[title-raw]" to put a character "c" before every title.

Index Aliases

For example, certain situations where you create a pattern like forum/[title] and you have "Create Index Aliases" turned on pathauto will then create a page at which over-rides the default page. In order to fix this problem you can clear out that entry from the url aliases either via the GUI at or via the database table. A better path to create would be forums/ or discussions/ so that the names don't collide.

Transliteration Problems

Pathauto: generate URL path aliases automatically

The Pathauto module creates automatic path aliases for content, users, and taxonomy terms, eliminating the need to create them manually. This way, your site is more user and search engine friendly, and more descriptive about its content with less work from your side.

The aliases are generated when you create an object in your site and are based upon the pathauto patterns (placeholders) you specify at:

  • For 6.x: Administer > Site Building > URL aliases, in the "Automated alias settings" tab.
  • For 7.x: Administer > Configuration > Search and Metadata > URL aliases, in the "Patterns" tab.
  • Pattern tab provides several default patterns that automatically alias the different content types. Thanks to token module, the page URL can be set to be more reflective of its content (title, keywords,..)
  • Settings tab allows to refine length and case, as well as defining if an alias is to be replaced or added to the list.
  • Bulk update allow to generate path for unaliased content on-demand.
  • Delete tab provides a way to delete large numbers of aliases.

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