Add fields to a block [D8]

This documentation is written for the 8.x-2.x version of Display Suite.

By following this method the site builder gets a block to place that can have a set of fields as defined by a view mode. The block's display can be templated in twig accordingly, and its theming will reflect any selected layouts in the display suite controls.

Fancy Features

This is the documentation page for the Fancy Features module.

Do you want a quick demonstration? Test our Fancy Kickstart distribution on

Fancy is an idea to solve the requirement of the authors to get more control of the design while keeping the editing simple and straightforward.

Display Suite

Important note

Documentation for the Display Suite module exists in a more complete form already.

Drupal 7 - Using Display Suite

Display Suite is a powerful, highly extensible module that gives developers complete control over how content is displayed. It features an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface and includes a group of pre-configured layouts that make it even easier to control the display of your nodes, views, comments, etc.

Drupalize.Me offers a whole series of free videos exploring the ins and outs of Display Suite...

Chapter 1.) Installing Display Suite

Chapter 2.) Configuring a Layout in Display Suite

Chapter 3.) Working with Fields in Display Suite

Chapter 4.) View Modes in Display Suite

Chapter 5.) The Search Display Submodule

Chapter 6.) Working with Field Templates

Export Display Suite settings

This documentation is written for the 7.x-2.x version of Display Suite.

Display Suite exposes all its settings (displays, fields and view modes) to CTools. This allows you to easily move the displays that you configured to another environment (e.g., from the development to the staging environment).

You can export Display Suite settings with the modules Features or the CTools sub module Bulk Export.

Export settings using Bulk Export

  • Enable the module Bulk Export at Administration > Modules (admin/modules)
  • Go to Administration > Structure > Bulk Exporter (admin/structure/bulk-export)
  • Choose the vertical tab "Display Suite"
  • Select all the elements that you want to export
  • Enter a module name, e.g., "ds-settings"
  • Click "Export". Bulk Export generates export code that needs to be placed in a module.
  • Create a folder, e.g., "ds-settings" in the modules directory of your website. Copy and paste the export code into the respective files, e.g., "", "ds-settings.module" and "".

You can now move this module to another environment (e.g., staging) and enable it there.

Manage content editing forms

This documentation is written for the 7.x-2.x version of Display Suite.

Display Suite allows you to manage the display of content editing forms for entities (such as nodes, views, comments, users, et cetera). This can be useful if you want to provide the users of your website with a customized edit form.

When enabled Display Suite Forms takes over the Drupal core functionality that let you arrange the fields via the "Manage fields” tab.


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