Contributor task: Add screenshots for a Drupal issue

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To get help completing this task, see the Getting help completing your task page.


Make screenshots showing the current behavior (without a patch) and then what it is like after a patch. This allows more people to participate in an issue and moves the issue forward.

Skills needed

Some familiarity with the module, theme, or task is helpful, but not required. You need to apply a patch to a test site, and be able to take screenshots. Some popular software for screenshots are: Jing or Skitch (the old version). Awesome screenshot is a browser plug-in that can capture a full page. Operating systems also have built in ways of doing screen captures.

Additional software needed

Most operating systems come with built-in ways of taking screenshots.

  • Mac has the Utility: Grab
  • GNU/Linux: gnome-screenshot (keyboard shortcut: PrtSc)

Adding a new IRC channel

If you need to start a new Drupal channel (called "#drupal-foo" in this example):
Before the first step, make sure there is no one on the channel and it's not registered already.

  1. /join #drupal-foo
  2. /msg chanserv register #drupal-foo password
  3. /msg chanserv flags #drupal-foo ricardoamaro +votriAsf
  4. (ricardoamaro is the Drupal group contact to freenode and he can help you with any problems with your channel.)

Setting up IRC

This page explains what IRC is, gives some links to how to set it up, and tells you about some basic IRC commands and setup. If you know what IRC is, you might want to skip directly to:

Regional IRC Drupal Channels List

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