Theming Guide

This handbook is about changing the look and feel of a Drupal site.

Changing Site Appearance

In the administrative settings you can modify the appearance of the theme in 3 ways.

  1. Simply find a prefabricated provided by Drupal or get one on a third party website and modify the theme settings.
  2. Copy an existing themeand then change or extend the code.
  3. Build a complete theme from scratch.

What else can you do?

Themes make Drupal websites beautiful – and Themers are the bridge between the science of code and the art of design.
You can do more with a theme than change the appearance of an entire site. It is also possible to "theme" specific sections of a site, certain types of content, or even individual pages or an specific regions. For example, your theme could specify a different look for just the front page of your site,or your theme could specify a different look for just the particular region like sidebar first,header, etc.

Some other things that you can do with a theme are:

  • Change layouts, regions, images or fonts.
  • Hide or display fields dependent on user role.
  • Dynamically respond to changes in the content or to user input.
  • Modify or replace text (e.g. labels or attributes) and variables generated by modules.
  • It's also possible to port open source designs between other systems (Joomla! templates, WordPress themes, etc.) and Drupal, or convert any website layout or template into a Drupal theme

Other Places to Explore

Or you can also use the drush command to make sub theme from existing parent theme.

The drush command for making sub theme is:

drush "parent theme name" "my theme name"

Example: If you want to make sub theme from the "zen" parent theme using drush command, the command is

drush zen "my_zen_theme"

After running this command you can check inside sites/all/themes folder where a theme folder will be created by name: "my_zen_theme".
For more details you go to ""

Create a Zen 7.x-5.x sub-theme - Manually

The base Zen theme is designed to be easily extended by its sub-themes. You should Not modify any of the CSS or PHP files in the zen/ folder; but instead you should create a sub-theme of zen which is located in a folder outside of the root zen/ folder.

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