Everest is a base theme for Drupal.

Sub-theme can be easily generated by using the Drush command.
$ drush everest-subtheme

Currently it is in the development phase.

Juicebox HTML5 Responsive Image Galleries

The Juicebox module helps integrate the Juicebox HTML5 responsive gallery library (http://juicebox.net/) with Drupal. Juicebox is in many ways the successor to Simpleviewer and offers a powerful and responsive image gallery front-end that's based on HTML5. See the project page for a detailed feature overview.

Installation (7.x and 8.x)

  1. Install and enable the required Libraries API module (version 2.0 or above) from http://drupal.org/project/libraries.
  2. Download the 3rd party Juicebox library from http://www.juicebox.net/download/ and extract it to a temporary location. Both the Lite (free) and Pro versions should work fine with this module, and the one you should choose depends on how much formatting flexibility you require.
  3. Copy the appropriate core Juicebox library files that you just extracted to Drupal's library directory. Typically, this means you will create a new directory called /sites/all/libraries/juicebox and then copy the full contents of the Juicebox "jbcore" directory to this library directory. You will end up with a structure like /sites/all/libraries/juicebox/juicebox.js and /sites/all/libraries/juicebox/classic/themes.css, etc.
  4. Install and enable this Juicebox module.

Adding an HTML 5 placeholder attribute to a webform component in a theme

An HTML 5 placeholder attribute is added to a theme by using a preprocess hook. This example is for an e-mail component:

SCSS Settings

Foundation Settings

Before you start theming and styling away, be sure to check out the _settings.scss file. From there, you're able to change styling with a change of just a few sass variables and change the look and feel of the page without actually doing much styling.

The Zurb Foundation docs provide a template and boilerplate for all these variables. It's also well documented.

Modify a Zen 7.x-5.x. subtheme for HTML5


I'll trying to explain how to design a custom theme using HTML5 Zen 7.x-5.1.

Before using this page, you must install Zen as a base theme. Then, you must create a Zen subtheme and set it as the 'default' theme.

Omega 3.x

The following pages only apply to the 3.x version of Omega.

The following pages will explain what Omega 3.x is, how it works and outline established best practices for getting started with your own Omega based subtheme. Please start at the beginning as Omega's approach to theming is different than other themes. If you assume too much you may find complications in understanding how to use Omega. Looking for Omega 4.x documentation? Go here.


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