Comparison of Salesforce-Webform integration modules

There are several modules in Drupal that act as a way to integrate Salesforce and Webform. Ideally, we'd only have one, but this page attempts to point them out and highlight some differences. At some point, perhaps for Drupal 8, we'll be able to merge all of these.

Webform Default Fields

Documentation for the Webform Default Fields module.

About Webform Default Fields

With this module you can easily create much of nodes with same webform fields. It can be applicable in case of job vacancies with reply form, kind of quality feedback control or whatever your mind suggests you.

Because you can create more than one webform-enabled content types, you respectively can attach different default fields for each of them.

Webform Confirmation

This is a webform confirmation module. It sends a mail to the end users who fills in the webform for some information. It picks up the mail id of the user and sends a mail.

The mail has the confirmation link that the end user has to click in order to abide with all the terms and conditions.

Also the Admin can keep the track of all the end user filling in the form.

Configuration settings Email TemplateRequirements

OpenAid Contact

Enabling the OpenAid Contact module will provide a Contact webform. You can view the form at /contact or by bringing it up at admin/content.

Add the Contact form to a Menu

You can then add the form to the menu of your choice at /contact/edit

Customize the Form Elements

To edit the form elements on your Contact page, select the _Webform_ working tab.

Comparison of Form Building Modules

Drupal has a lot of modules aimed at helping site builders and users add forms to their sites. What follows is a rough comparison of 4 of them. If there are any I've missed, please add them.


Webform is a module designed to allow you to add custom forms to the front-end of your site. Each form is stored against a node, so you add new forms to your site as if you were adding content. It's useful for things like Survey websites or just where you want a couple of forms that differ from the standard contact form.


  • Webform has been around for a long time, its very well established and has a big following.
  • Webform can make a wide variety of forms with lots of different elements available.
  • Webforms inherit all the cool access stuff that nodes have.


  • Webform submissions are stored in their own custom way - not using any of the standard drupal API's.
  • Drupal 7 has lots of cool Field Types available in contrib that webform cannot utilise.
  • There is little or no integration with alot of modules because the submissions do not use entities.
  • Webform cannot (without some magic) be used to edit nodes or comments.


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