Improved Internal Linking with "Linkit"

The behaviour of linking to internal entities (e.g. nodes) could be much improved with the integration of the "Linkit"-module.

Count clicks happened on a Link field

Link Click Count module allows users to find the number of clicks happened on the particular link.

Drupal 8



The Link module provides one or several fields for storing links. It supports additional link text titles and display settings.
Drupal 8: The Link module is a core module that only allows external links. Internal links can be added with the core module Entity Reference.
Drupal 7: The Link module allows external and internal links. It does not allow adding links to a menu or navigation.

Drupal 8

Installation: The Link module is part of Drupal core and can be enabled from the Extend page (admin/modules).
Input format: The Link module only allows external (i.e. absolute) links. Links can include anchors or query strings.
Validation: Links must include the web protocol (http:// or https://) in order to validate. Validation takes place after filling in the field. Other scheme names (e.g. ftp, git, etc.) are not supported.
Link texts: Link texts (called "Link titles" in D7) can be added to each URL. Whether this is allowed or required can be set in the field management. Placeholder text can be added to appear in the fields before the user adds their own content.

Block to encourage deep linking to your site (D7)

One of your most difficult jobs as a site administrator is soliciting inbound links to boost your traffic and your search engine position. Deep links, in context, are the most valuable.

Using the 'Path of Least Resistance' philosophy, provide users with link text at the bottom of every page using the following code snippet (D7) in a block.

Comment author name as link

Use the following PHP code in a custom token to display the comment author's name as a link to either their homepage or their user profile. If they didn't enter a homepage URL and they're an anonymous user, or if accessing user profiles is not allowed, the comment author's name will be displayed without a link.

Set the 'token type' to 'Comments'.

Colorbox - Adding a hyperlink to the photo's caption

This tutorial will show you how to add a link to the caption of an image that appears in the Colorbox pop up.

Here's what I mean:

Screenshot of caption link

My images are individual nodes so they do have a unique URL which contains the photos' description, comments and other information. I thought it would be easy to have the photo caption link to the node page but after a few hours of hacking away at the theme_colorbox_image_formatter() function, I realized that the image title (ie. caption) is being generated via JavaScript and it wouldn't be possible to link to the node (at least not when rendering the colorbox gallery via Views).

So, here's how I turned the photo caption into a link to the node page.

I'm using:
Views 7.x-3.3
Colorbox 7.x-1.2

1. Copy the following functions from (/sites/all/modules/colorbox/ into your theme's template.php file:

- theme_colorbox_image_formatter()
- theme_colorbox_imagefield()

2. Change "theme_" to your theme's name. In my case, I'm using the Corolla theme so I changed the previous function names to:

- corolla_colorbox_image_formatter()
- corolla_colorbox_imagefield()

3. In the corolla_colorbox_image_formatter() function change this:

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