A Strategy For Updating to Drupal 7.3x With Drush On Linux


- Backup your database: search internet for tips about backing up your database, probably, mysqldump is a good strategy.
- Backup you drupal files.


Using Drush to update to a specific version of core (not just the latest)

By default, the drush pm-update command will update Drupal core and all enabled projects to the latest recommended releases. The optional project argument allows you to provide a list of installed projects to update, thereby limiting the scope of the update.

You can also pass a specific version of Drupal core as a project argument and Drush will limit the upgrade to that version of core (and core only, unless you pass other projects along as arguments.)


drush pm-update projects drupal-6.28

How To Update Drupal Core

These instructions are for updating - not upgrading. Documentation for upgrading an existing Drupal site (for example, changing from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7) is at http://drupal.org/upgrade.

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