Nomensa Accessible Media Player

Initial configuration

Download the Library

The library can be downloaded directly from GitHub, and should be placed within you sites/all/libraries/nomensa_amp directory.

Accessibility tools for JavaScript in Drupal 8

These tools are under active development in Drupal 8. This documentation page may be out of date

Announce page updates aurally

Many page updates are expressed visually through color changes and animations. In order to make page updates apparent in a non-visual way, Drupal provides the Drupal.announce JavaScript method. This method creates an aria-live element on the page. Text appended to this node is read by a screen-reading user agent.

Drupal.announce accepts a string to be read by an audio UA. You can also set a second parameter: the priority. Here are a couple examples:

Drupal.announce('Entering edit mode');
Drupal.announce('Please fill in your user name', 'assertive');
Drupal.announce('You look beautiful today.');

The two accepted priority values are polite and assertive. polite is the default.

Contributor task: Manually do accessibility testing of a patch for a Drupal issue

On this page:

To get help completing this task, see the Getting help completing your task page. The #drupal-accessibility irc channel might have people in it to chat with about coding and accessibility issues and extensions in Drupal.


From an accessibility point of view, manually test a patch (software fix) for a reported Drupal issue to verify that it resolves the issue and does not cause other regressions (new bugs). The Accessibility section of the core gates documentation page has more information.

Skills needed

Some familiarity with the module, theme, or task is helpful, but not required. You will also need to apply a patch to a test site.

Accessible Content

Important note

The accessible content module's work has moved to the Accessibility module.


The Accessible Content module helps site administrators ensure that their content meets accessibility requirements, such as WCAG.

Contribute to accessibility

These issues are important both for end users (for example, site visitors who use screen readers) and for people building Drupal sites that have to meet the accessibility requirements set by governments and other organizations. If you can help with any of these issues, please pitch in. If you want to look at non-core issues, there is a list of contributed modules and their accessibility issues too.

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