Cash Flow

This page documents wizonesolutions's typical workflow. It's a good starting point for understanding how the system is supposed to work. It's also worth taking a look at #1918538: Rough roadmap, thoughts, known issues.

How to setup

- Set up income accounts and credit card/loan accounts. These are just vocabularies that you add taxonomy to. Then you can track where you income's coming.
- Set up tax rates. The same rates are also used for the auto-saving (R&D percentage) field. I currently have something like 31% (I'm in Norway) and 10%.
- System is pretty much ready (unless I'm forgetting steps).

How to use

- Every so often (somewhere between a week and a month), I log into the system.

- I add new expected income. Expected means that I know it's coming (my clients always pay). I obviously add the amount I'll receive (minus payment processing fees). Etc. etc.

- I add expenses, generally a month at a time. I also go through my email and add expenses that I have filed away to be added with a particular label. These are generally non-recurring ones. For recurring ones, I tag them as weekly or monthly, filter the Expenses page by the tag, and then just Copy them all.

Improved Workflow for adding products using views.

For my site, I wanted to be able to add products to the store, then have a copywriter add the product display nodes. Unfortunately there is no built in way to provide a list of commerce products ready to be referenced. This represents a hole in the workflow for adding products which can be addressed by a simple view.


  • Provide a list of products that were not yet referenced by any product display node.
  • Provide a link to quickly add a product display referencing the product.

To accomplish this you will need:

  • Views 3.x
  • prepopulate module (7.x in dev) - enabled


  1. Start by creating a new view. For "show" select "Commerce Product" and "type" your product type. Provide a page with the URL of your choice and display format set to "table" and leave everything else as default.
  2. Add the fields you would like to show. At the very least you should have "Commerce Product: Rendered ..." to show the title with a link to the product and the Product ID field (which will be used later - you can hide it from display if you want, but it will need to be in your view).
  3. Add a relationship for "Commerce Product: Node referencing products from [your_prudct_ref_field]."

Is Drupal the right tool for the job?

Drupal is a powerful and flexible content management system for building virtually any kind of website. What are you looking for Drupal to do for you? The following are some areas that Drupal champions:

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