Feeds glossary

This glossary is intended to provide a basic list of terms commonly used in Drupal related to feeds along with a brief definition of each. The following list of terms and definitions is sorted alphabetically and can also be searched with your browser's search function.
Terms in italic are terms defined in this glossary. For developers, references to classes are included.

Common terms used with feeds


"Comma-separated values", a simple file format used to move tabular data between programs and databases. See also Comma-separated values on Wikipedia. The needed/correct line-ending-char(s) of a Feeds-imported CSV-file depends on the type of the operating system of the www-server:

  • If you are using a Linux-Server, use only "LF" at the line-end of the CSV-file.
  • If you are using a Windows-Server, use "CR+LF" at the line-end of the CSV-file.
  • If you are using a Mac-Server, use only "CR" at the line-end of the CSV-file.

The changing of the line-end of the CSV-file before importing is important, if the source of the CSV-file (e.g. your computer or the database of the CSV-file) has a different operating system!
For the meaning of "LF" and "CR" look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newline#Representations.


This glossary describes terminology and acronyms used in the Drupal project and by the Drupal community. These terms are not (typically) specific to any version of Drupal. However, Drupal 8 introduces a broad swathe of new concepts, terms and acronyms. See Drupal 8 Background & Prerequisites for an initial list.

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action #
A function that operates like a stored procedure. The function parameters, if any, are stored in the database and the function is executed by retrieving these stored parameters and calling the function.
anonymous #
A visitor to a Drupal website who is not currently logged in. Drupal considers any such visitor as being the anonymous user, with the user ID 0, and belonging to the anonymous user role.
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