Built-in Installation Profiles (Drupal 7)

Drupal includes installation profiles that control what's included as you get started. Select from either the Standard or the Minimal profile.

  • The Standard profile has several core modules enabled. It has more default configuration set up, including several default admin tools. This profile does more to show what core can do, and can save site building time by having defaults for common use cases.
  • The Minimal profile has only a few very basic modules installed. This profile is useful if you only want very specific features, or if it will take more work to undo the defaults provided with the Standard profile.


The following table lists the modules enabled by the Standard profile, as compared to the Minimal profile:

Modules enabled by profile
Module Minimal Standard
Block x x
Color x
Comment x
Contextual Links x
Dashboard x
Database Logging x x
Field x x
Field SQL storage
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