Commerce Order Sub-total

The sandbox module, Commerce Order Sub-total, was developed for a client's shipping calculation requirement. The idea behind the module is to provide useful sub-totaling of Orders using the Rules framework. This module exposes three different ways to retrieve a sub-total of an order:

Getting the Sum of a Field

After 3 days of head-banging, I thought I would share this info to save you the excruciating headache.

These are the steps for getting the sum of a field from your node. You're going to need VBO(Views Bulk Operations), Views, and Rules.

Step 1

Create a new view of Content and select your content type. No need to create a page or a tab(unless you really want to).

Step 2

Add the views fields and filters that you want.

Step 3

Create a Content:Views Bulk Operation(leave the defaults in).

Step 4

2. Site Builder Documentation

Rules is an effective tool for Drupal site builders, that many users find dramatically improves their Drupal skills. The Drupal Learning Curve: a configurators view documents this effect.

Rules, like Drupal, reuses its great features at the most basic level and all the way through to the most advanced. So learning the concepts for basic configurations will have compounding benefits leading to very advanced usages.

The NodeOne Introduction to Rules video series provides a great way to easily see Rules in action and have a guide when learning how to use it. And there is also Learn Rules with NodeOne - Drupal 6 video tutorials.

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