Postgres on Max OS X with MAMP

At the moment I'm running MAMP Pro, but the setup should work with MAMP free version as well.

Download and install MAMP from MAMP

  1. Download and install postgres 8.4 or higher from Enterprise DB
  2. Add the bin directory of postgres, /Library/PostgreSQL/8.4/bin to the PATH in your .bashrc file in your home directory. Remember to run ./.bashrc to update the path.
  3. Sudo to your root user and execute the following commands. '>' is the prompt on your terminal and should be excluded. Text in () is an explanation and should not excluded.
    1. > su postgres (log in as the postgres user)
    2. > createuser --no-createdb --no-password (choose as a super user)
    3. > createuser --no-createdb ----pwprompt devel (enter a password 'drupal', and choose as a super user, this is if your site is using the standard devel user with password drupal)
    4. > exit
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