Nomensa Accessible Media Player

Initial configuration

Download the Library

The library can be downloaded directly from GitHub, and should be placed within you sites/all/libraries/nomensa_amp directory.

Computed Field : audio file duration using getID3

To do this in Drupal 7 first install two modules : getID3() and Computed Field.

In the content type that holds the details for each audio track add a field of type 'Computed'
For this field, in the entry 'Computed Field (PHP)' insert the following code:


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In order to activate this module you have to get one of audio players from the following links
1. *Note make sure you should download the standalone edition
( no longer offers the music players)
6. Install FlowPlayer module ( to use Flowplayer (optional)
7. VERSION 2.0, not 2.1 (7.x-1.x only)
8. Soundmanager2
9. Use Google reader player, no installation required. NEW

Where to extract the players?

Once you have installed any of the above audio players you must create a new folder called "player "at this
directory "sites/all/libraries". Now you can unzip the audio players directly into the "player" folder.


The jPlayer module provides a wrapper around the jPlayer JavaScript library.

This library provides an HTML5-based player, that uses a Flash fallback for browsers that do not support it. This module provides a default presentation for the player, as well as integration with file fields. This makes it possible to easily convert the display of any file field into an audio player.

This player will only work with MP3 files, so please be sure to restrict the file upload extensions on your file fields to only allow the mp3 extension.

Installation instructions for Drupal 7

  1. Install jPlayer as usual
  2. Download the jPlayer library and extract the zip or tar.gz file and then copy the dist/jplayer folder to sites/all/libraries/jplayer/. Make sure that jquery.jplayer.min.js can be found at sites/all/libraries/jplayer/jquery.jplayer.min.js
  3. Go to the configuration page of Jplayer in the "Media" section of the administration interface (admin/config/media/jplayer). Specify the path that contains the jPlayer library. Default path for the jPlayer library directory is "sites/all/libraries/jplayer".

jPlayer should now be available as a format for your media fields.

To use jPlayer as a field format:


    Documentation for the Drupal 7 AudioField module.

    For the Drupal 8 documentation, see


    Install and enable the Audiofield module in the usual way. Learn about installing Drupal modules.

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