Simple OAuth 8.x-1.x

Simple OAuth is an implementation of the OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework: Bearer Token specification.

Using OAuth 2.0 Bearer Token is very easy. See how you can get the basics working in less than a minute!

This project is focused in simplicity of use and flexibility. When deciding which project to use, also consider other projects like OAuth, an OAuth 1 implementation that doesn't rely on you having https in your production server.

Simple OAuth (OAuth2)

There are two significantly different versions of the Simple OAuth module. Version 8.x-1.x is targeted to a quick global authentication using bearer tokens. Version 8.x-2.x is a standard compliant OAuth2 server implementation.

API Overview

The API that the JSON API module makes available is centered around the Drupal's entity types and bundles. Every bundle receives its own, unique URL path, which all follow a shared pattern.

Collections (filtering, sorting, and paginating)

JSON API makes it possible to retrieve multiple resources in a single request, these routes are called "collection" routes. One can fetch a collection of resources by sending a GET request to the base resource route, e.g. GET /api/node/article and not including a UUID. By default, this will include all resources of the specified type.

Core Concepts

JSON API has many concepts in the specification, not all of which are documented here. However, users of the module do not need to completely understand all of the concepts of the specification to become productive with this module. If you would like to go deeper into how JSON API's documents are structured, why the module does something in one way or another, or just would like to learn more about the module's design, readers are encouraged to read the specification on

Contributed Modules

This is a space for contributed modules related to RESTful web services to put their documentation.


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