4.6 taxonomy: support for AND/OR ?

In 4.6 the syntax for taxonomy URLs has changed.


This URL lists terms 1, 3 and 4 to a depth of two (meaning all nodes that are categorized with children or grandchildren of 1, 3 or 4). This is an OR relationship. Does the AND relationship still exist?

Show "Last Modified" date on Handbook pages


As I browse through the Drupal Handbook, I find myself wondering whether some pages are up to date. It would help new users to see a "Last Modified" date under the title on each page. Better yet (but probably harder to implement) would an indiction of the most recent version number of Drupal to which the article applies for sure.

Handbook contribution

A week ago I wrote some pages in the Administrator's guide. They don't appear in the index yet. I think it's because they are in moderation, but how long does that take? And if they are not accepted, how will I know? Searching for random nodes I found other contributions too, and not all of them were bad.

Drupal setup documentation needs work

Drupal is a fantastic tool, and it really is easy enough for even a complete newbie to setup and use. However, the overall documentation is not very good -especially in the area of initial install and setup. There are so many potential "gotcha's" that it's no wonder that there are so many confused users asking for help. Many of their problems are simple permission errors that were not clearly explained in the setup directions.


While I am pretty much committed to working with drupal because of its open-source nature, I seem to be having trouble finding sufficient documentation for my theme building purposes. Perhaps this is a short-coming on my part; that I just haven't found the right documentation yet.


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