Mac-based developers: CVS client recommendations?

This is a bit off-topic, more on working habits. I'm wondering if anyone here has any good recommendations for a CVS client for Mac. There are quite a few out there, and a lot of discussion elsewhere, but I'm hoping to get a sense from this group here.

Restructuring the "About Drupal" section of the handbook

As part of an effort of the Drupal doc team to improve the Drupal handbook, puregin has been restructuring the About Drupal section so that it can later be it's own book within (the goal is to restructure the handbook into multiple books). Below, I've sketched out a potential outline for the book that in large part makes use of existing book pages while restructuring the "About Drupal" section to make it easier to navigate and better target potential Drupal newbies. After the structure, I've listed some of the rhetorical strategies for this outline.

The main "About Drupal" page would include the currently existing text and then be followed by the following page structure.

Fade Anything Technique

I recently implemented the "Fade Anything Technique" on my Drupal site. There are obviously many ways to do this, via theme overrides, hacks, new modules.

I opted for the "quick and dirty" way, using the following steps:

Drupal documentation usability experiment

For the last several weeks the Drupal documentation team has been working to organize and create documentation. We have come up with several documentation handbooks that we believe will best meet your needs. Almost 200 of you have taken the time to tell us why you use Drupal documentation, what you need, and why you would decide to use Drupal documentation again.

Drupal documentation survey

On behalf of the documentation team, I am a conducting a documentation survey to help understand your documentation needs.

It you get a chance to complete this survey it would be appreciated:

Drupal handbook in PDF


i'm new to drupal and php. my experties are in c# & actionscript. but i understand php a bit and now learning it fast as i'm making my hands dirty with this drupal thing :D

i'm not always online so i need a download-able version of the docs. for module & theme development. i also noticed the docs a not well formed. and scatered around, making it difficult to find what exactly i was looking for.

if there's no download-able version available at this time, i hope someone familiar with drupal development will make it available for download very soon.


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