Simple way to improve themes documentation

I'm in process of choosing a theme for a new site, and found that some themes do not provide all the basic display functionality that Drupal offers. For example, some themes don't allow left and right blocks (all blocks are placed in only one side, ignoring the settings in administer>blocks). Others don't show secondary links by default, but in administer>themes>configure you are still given the choice to show or hide them.

My first attempt at an "intro to Drupal" video

Take a look at:

There's a problem I have to fix where the sound gets out of synch towards the end, so try not to get too annoyed by that.

This tutorial is aimed at first time admins of Drupal. It runs through creating a few basic pieces of content, enabling a module, setting up a few blocks, setting up a few categories, and then accessing various admin settings (all using 4.6.2)

All feedback appreciated.

Page not Found

I set up a new menu item using the taxonomy path but whenever i click on it from my homepage it says 'page not found.' I've tried adding content and various other things but i still get the same message. I'm just starting out with this- can anyone help?

search-engine problems SOLVED even with (RHEL3)

hi everybody,

i just solved all problems i had with the great SEARCH ENGINE on Drupal.
And i have to say that the Support and Documentations i found about a
fundamental module for Drupal was a bit frustrating, maybee it is all there but i do nto have the time to search 2 weeks for one problem, thats why i created this topic, a first try to bring things together

if you search a word and get errors like
"warning: Compilation failed: characters with values > 255 are not yet
supported in classes at offset 52 in
/var/www/html/drupal/modules/search.module on line 258."

--> than you need to upgrade php to > php4.3.2 (if you work with RHEL3
like me, than you are in trouble or you check

you need to set a cronjob under linux with crontab for the "cron.php" in
your drupalfolder or you type the adress for cron.php in your
browser and press enter in my case it was that indexes all content from your
drupalforum into the mysql-database. See also

if you ever did a change on your side at administrator->settings->search,
this might cause that you can not index anymore or you miss old
indexes. Check in your mysql database the 2 tables

Changes and improvements to the Drupal Handbook

In order to improve Drupal documentation usability, the Drupal handbook has been undergoing significant revision and feature enhancement:

  • Longer handbook pages have been broken into multiple pages so as to allow the collaborative book to generate all section headings.
  • Drupal handbook pages have DocBook XML and OPML export functions.
  • The admin/help text available with Drupal core installations has been updated to include 60+ core and contributed modules (patch pending). Admin/help text will now be maintained on in the modules and features section of the handbook.
  • Handbook pages on have additional blocks available in the sidebar providing useful links and information on handbook usage.
  • Advanced Drupal users are providing additional configuration tutorials and code such as best practices and PHP page snippets.
  • Based upon the user feedback gained in the recent card sort exercise, the Drupal handbook is being completely reorganized into multiple handbooks.

Handbook pages need timestamps and author info... seriously

Is there any reason why the handbook pages don't have author names and timestamps? It is really annoying not to be able to tell how old something is before you start trying to implement it. Some of the handbook is extremely old and some of the comments are ancient. But at least with a comment, I can see: a) who wrote it, and b) when they wrote it.


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