Adding Comments to Code Including Modules and Themes

One of the biggest issues with code in any type of programming is the lack of good commenting.

What are the reasons that most programmers do not add comments?

Tags in comments


I have the following issue: I have added a taxonomy field to my forum comments and it does not work, meaning when I create new comment tags they indeed appear in the comment and even the new tags appears in the tag vocabulary but when I click on the tag there are no contents, as if drupal does not count comments as content.

Taxonomy upgrade extras: 

Comment author name as link

Use the following PHP code in a custom token to display the comment author's name as a link to either their homepage or their user profile. If they didn't enter a homepage URL and they're an anonymous user, or if accessing user profiles is not allowed, the comment author's name will be displayed without a link.

Set the 'token type' to 'Comments'.

Comment rating

Anyone with a user account will be able to moderate comments. This lets people assign a score to a comment on how good they think the comment is or how visible they think it should be.

When more than one person rates a comment, the overall rating is just a simple average of all ratings. Comments with high ratings are more visible than comments with a lower rating. That way, comments that gain the approval of participants will gradually move up through statistical effects and pointless comments will sink into oblivion.

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