Installation & Setup of the Amazon S3 1.x Module

NOTE: This is only for the 1.x version of the module. For 2.x see the module summary page.


Amazon S3 module
Libraries (7.x-2.x branch) module
Amazon Web Services SDK for PHP module

Installation & Setup:

  1. Download and install the Amazon S3, Libraries, and AWS SDK drupal modules. For installation of AWS SDK module you will need to download the Amazon SDK for PHP library v.1.6.2. Download the file to your "sites/all/libraries/" directory. Extract the archive and rename the extracted directory from "sdk-1.6.2" to "awssdk". The final path to sdk.class.php should be "sites/all/libraries/awssdk/sdk.class.php".
  2. Verify that the AWS SDK can be loaded by visiting your site's status report at admin/reports/status; if the status reports indicates that the library cannot be loaded properly even after you verify that it is properly installed, clear all caches to ensure that the Libraries module uses the most up-to-date information
  3. Configure AWS SDK (You will need your two Security Credentials: Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. These are located in your account settings at
  4. Configure your bucket settings at /admin/config/media/amazon or /admin/config/media/amazons3
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