The Message View

The Message module comes packaged with a Message view (see below).

If you edit the default view you can see the three fields listed that comprise the view. Note the relationship that has been added to link the users table and the message table.

Viewing (Rendering) Messages

Given there is no web form to create or edit an individual message, there is also no built in form to view an individual message. However, the Message module is built using the Entity API and Ctools module and it is packaged with a default Message view that lists messages at /admin/content/message (alongside nodes and comments).

The view renders a table with a timestamp, the message text and the user associated with the event that generated the message. Here is the most basic example with the language set to English.

Modify views output at field level

This is how we can modify view output at field level

There is issue with theme_views_view_field($vars) API that when we implement this we will get error like
views-view-list.tpl.php (File not found, in folder ./), issue reference

We can avoid that issue by overriding function in our template.php. Function name would be THEMENAME_views_view_field__VIEWID__DISPLAY__FIELDNAME

Peekaboo; Ajax field formatter

The Peekaboo module is designed to allow a field's full formatted value to not be calculated and output during a page load of the node, but to be pulled in through a separate request.

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