How to add taxonomy (tagging) to content in Open Atrium

Global Vocabularies

You do this the same way you normally do in Drupal. Create Taxonomies and then add taxonomy reference fields to the content types. See the Drupal 7 documentation on taxonomies for more information.

Restricting the catalogue

We have set up a product catalogue, but now want to restrict it, for instance to make a catalogue of one category of products. Let us modify the catalogue we've just set. Alternatively, you can use a clone of it (In order to clone the catalogue, go to Structure → View; in the column "Operations" and the row of the view we've created, click on the small arrow and then on "Clone"). We just add yet a new filter criteria in the view, clicking on the "Add" button at the right of "Filter criteria".

Taxonomy Guidance

Ok I am not new to Drupal but I am new to taxonomy. I watched a few videos on taxonomy but not really finding a solution to what I am trying to do. The overall functionality is I want a editor to go into the content type select a check box called "Cross-sell" which then lists all all the other nodes with that tag/taxonomy. I tried to do this setting up a vocabulary list and then with a taxonomy menu in the sidebar but every page was getting the whole list applied to the page when I only wanted that specific tag/taxonomy group to show up.

Taxonomy upgrade extras: 

Taxonomy terms menu based on node permissions

I have a hierarchical taxonomy vocabulary that looks like that:

Term 1
- Subterm 1
- Subterm 2
- Subterm 3
Term 2
- Subterm 4
- Subterm 5
Term 3
Term 4

What I would like to achieve is to show 2 menu blocks representing each hierarchy but limit the menu items' visibility based on node permissions. I am using ACL/Content Access to grant users a per-node access as well as views to generate the menu blocks.

Taxonomy upgrade extras: 

Term Merge Documentation

The main purpose of this page is to provide help and explanations on how to use Term Merge module. This module allows you to merge one or more taxonomy terms into another, thus reducing amount of redundant synonymous terms in taxonomy vocabularies.

Quick Intro

At some point you may come up with a wish to eliminate a term from your taxonomy vocabulary, however, simply removing such a term may break many relations within your website, such as those created via term reference fields or entity reference fields. Merging a term into another allows to update all links pointing to the first term to be updated to point to the second term before the first one gets deleted. This way relations inside your database stay valid. Here is an example:


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