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There are various ways space members can learn about updates to a space. Some ways are pre-configured by a site administrator while other methods allow individual space members to control both the notifications they receive and generate.


Some definitions are in order...

Sending Notification Messages

Once you have created a message type for notification the message can be created (see Creating Message Instances) with the addition of a call to the message_notify_send_message function.

Creating Message Types for Notification

To construct the notification message, you need to create a message type with a multivalue message text field that will be used by the appropriate view modes.

Then each of the message text partials is associated with each of the two view modes that come with the Message Notify module.

Message Notify Module

The Message Notify module extends the Message module by providing a system for forwarding messages. The module uses a plugin system to define message notifiers. It comes with a default email notifier plugin and an SMS notifier plugin that is available when the SMS Framework module is installed.

Snippet: changing link labels

A kludge to change the text and look of Subscribe and Unsubscribe links.

Commerce Email

Commerce Email Documentation

This is the documentation page for the Commerce Email module.


The 2.x version is still not completely stable, but it should work if you have:

Please make sure you have those modules in their required versions and it should work...
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Basic installation and usage guide


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