Basic Drupal 7 website step-by-step: WYSIWYG, News, Menu and Slideshow

So here we go. We are new to Drupal and we want to build our first very simple website. In this tutorial, we assume that you already have Drupal core installed and a basic installation running. You know how to install new modules. We also won't look at how one can theme his website.

Admin menu

First of all, for gain of time during all the project, install the admin menu module. Disable the core Toolbar module. You have now a new drop-down administration menu at the top of your site.
Note that this step is not strictly necessary but just make things easier. Most of the people use this admin menu instead of the normal one.



The Starkish theme is a stripped-down version of the Zen theme (includes nicer tabs) and a collection of some very helpful extra templating functions borrowed from other themes. Other than that it looks like the Stark theme, that is to say, no theme at all, just plain Drupal output and basic Drupal CSS .

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