Sliders (picture rotators)

In this section you'll find documentation for a few sliders (alias "slide show" or "image rotator")

Nivo Slider

The Nivo Slider module provides integration between Drupal and the Nivo Slider jQuery plugin.


Nivo Slider provides an easy and eye-catching way to showcase featured content. Nivo Slider gives administrators four important tools:

  • A simple method of adding slides to the slideshow.
  • An administration interface to configure slideshow settings.
  • Simple slider positioning using the Drupal block system.
  • Integration with the Drupal image system to automatically crop, scale and style slide images.

Module Features

The Nivo Slider module is easy to use and customize. Nivo Slider aims to provide full access to all of the features offered by the Nivo Slider jQuery plugin while integrating the best parts of Drupal, such as Blocks, Image Styles, Permissions and Localization.

Plugin Features

The world's most awesome jQuery slider

The Nivo Slider is world renowned as the most beautiful and easy to use slider on the market. Completely free and totally open source, there literally is no better way to make your website look totally stunning. If you don't believe us, check out the list of features below and you soon will.

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