Drush commands for Configuration Management for Drupal 7

Command (shortcut in parentheses) Description Examples and Options
config-get-identifiers (cget) Return the list of identifiers for a given component.


The name of the component to get the identifiers.


drush cgi content_type
Returns the list of all available content types to export


In order for Ultimate Cron to work properly, cron must be invoked every minute.

Normal (wget)


* * * * *      /usr/local/bin/wget -O - -q -t 1 http://example.com/cron.php?cron_key=1234567890abcdef


Each launcher plugin for Ultimate Cron can provide a poormans cron mechanism. The launchers Serial and Background Process (bundled with Ultimate Cron) each provide a poormans cron mechanism.
Poormans cron can be enabled at /admin/config/system/cron/settings/poorman.

Installing Drush On Any Linux Based Server Out There

NOTICE: Drush no longer supports installation via pear. As a result, some of this content is out of date. Please refer to the official documentation for installing Drush via composer.

Ok, so I am just conveying my experience in installing the quintessential tool that is drush. I work at Kalamuna and I provide support to a majority of our clients. I am constantly having to move sites around from server to server, platform to platform, etc.

Drush and Hooks

i have installed the ldap module, which makes it possible to sync a user with active directory, when a user is created or updated.
When creating a user through the user administration, the sync is performed perfectly. But i'm trying to create a script, which can fetch all users from ldap and create them afterwards. But when created, the "sync" with ldap is not done. Are hooks not triggered, when using: drush script ?

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drush permission denied command

I have install drush tool in my window8, it work well when the beginning
but after I run drush ld some_module not in the main directory of drupal project.
I just get a error:

C:\xampp\htdocs\drupal7\sites\all>drush ld view
require_once(C:\xampp\htdocs\drupal7\sites\all): failed to open [warning]

stream: Permission denied command.inc:1511
Drush command terminated abnormally due to an unrecoverable error. [error]

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Why are some fields missing from an export from drush but not from the UI?


  • Have a views data export display
  • Output is fine when using Drupal UI
  • Output is missing Field UI fields when using Drush

Field Permissions Installed

  • Drush runs views data export as anonymous user causing view to not retrieve fields the user does not have access to because of field permissions.
  • Drush may be run as a different user with the user argument: drush --user=1 vde


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