Finder 6.x-1.x

This section contains documentation about the Finder module version 6.x-1.x.

Finder Modules

Here is an overview of modules in the Finder package.

  • Finder - An API and UI module for creating and managing finders. All the modules below act as plugins to Finder.
  • Finder Node - A basic tool for finding nodes.
  • Finder Users - A basic tool for finding users.
  • Finder Views - A bridge to pulling results from Views. Anything that can be displayed in a view can be found with this plugin.
  • Finder Autocomplete - Provides an autocomplete textfield.
  • Finder Option Widgets - Provides select lists, checkboxes, and radio buttons.
  • Finder Text - Provides a plain textfield and textarea.
  • Finder Search - Provides a fallback to get results from the search module when Finder results are empty.
  • Finder String Translation - Allows admins to localize user-defined values in Finder settings.

Here are some modules that utilise Finder's functionality.

  • Finder Wizard - Splits Finder elements onto seperate screens and filters each step by choices made on previous steps.
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