Migrate Drupal UI: migrate from earlier Drupal versions

The core Migrate Drupal UI module was added in Drupal 8.1.0 to provide a user interface on top of the Migrate Drupal module. The interface allows users to migrate from an earlier version of Drupal (6 or 7) to Drupal 8. See https://www.drupal.org/upgrade/migrate

Migrate Drupal: framework for migrating from Drupal to Drupal

The Migrate Drupal module is included with Drupal core from Drupal 8.0.0. It provides a framework based on the Migrate module to facilitate migration from a Drupal (6, 7, or 8) site to your website. It does not provide a user interface. A user interface in core is provided by the Migrate Drupal UI module.

Migrate: Copy over data to Drupal from other sources

The core migrate module in Drupal 8 provides a system to copy data to Drupal from other sources. Third party modules would define migrations from other systems. See for example https://www.drupal.org/documentation/modules/migrate_drupal which defines sources for Drupal versions 6 and 7 data.

See also the migration API in Drupal 8 to define sources and targets yourself.

How to create nodes with hierarchical terms from excel

The purpose of this cookbook is to show how to create node from a excel documents via csv files.
The example we use is a list of stores with name, adress and three column to convert to terms a state,capital ubication and a kind of store column.

Create migrate module

First thing we are going to do is make a tipically module named migratestores.


Migration of Image Attach module

image attach is part of image module and creates a unique node for each image in your content type. Although best solution for creating images on Drupal 6 is using CCK file and image fields but many sites chose the other approach. Here comes the problem, migrate_d2d understands CCK structure but not other solutions and you need to write a custom class for this reason.

A bird's eye view of migrate structure

Migrate Classes

  • Migration [base]
  • MigrateSource
  • MigrateDestination
  • MigrateMap
  • MigrateFieldMapping

Source Classes

  • MigrateSourceSQL
  • MigrateSourceList
  • MigrateSourceMultiitems
  • MigrateSourceXML
  • MigrateSourceCSV
  • MigrateSourceMSSQL
  • MigrateSourceOracle
  • MigrateSourceMongoDB
  • MigrateListJSON and MigrateItemJSON
  • MigrateListFile and MigrateItemFile

Destination Classes

  • MigrateDestinationRole


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