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If you use the Mailhandler module and you want different user accounts to have their own mailbox to send content to a site, you are required to configuring multiple Mailhandler mailboxes for each account as well as multiple feeds to process each mailbox. The provisioning of mailboxes on a mail server and configuration of so many Mailhandler mailboxes and the associated feeds could be automated, but it would be pretty gnarly.

The solution we came up with was to have a single mailbox on the mail server, and have a single mailhandler and single feed processor for the a site. Instead of each user getting their own inbox, we have a single inbox that collects email from any number of addresses. This can be done by either configuring the mail server to have a single ‘catch all’ address or, if available, a plus addressing scheme (think GMail).

What does this module do?

The module exposes the 'Send content by mail' permission.
The module provides a user interface to generate unique 'email addresses' for each user on the site with the 'Send content by mail' permission.

Why is that useful?

Tutorial: show link to 'add more content' after saving new content

In this tutorial, we will use the Rules and Entity API modules to display a 'Add More [Content type]' link as a system message after user saves new content. This will eliminate some steps and some page loads from the default Drupal behavior when adding new content.

Props to that cool guy, Johan Falk at NodeOne, this tutorial is based on screencast at

yeah, right

. -:)

The Rules module is extremely powerful and flexible framework. It will decrease the need for custom coding. Learning and using the Rules framework may enable you to replace some of your other contributed modules that are less powerful and flexible. Rules depends on Entity API. You will need to download and enable Rules, Rules UI (included in Rules module), Entity API and Entity tokens (included with Entity API module).

To display an 'Add More [Content_type]' link after user saves new content, do the following:

  1. Go to admin/config/workflow/rules
  2. Click Add New Rule
  3. At admin/config/workflow/rules/reaction/add, give your new Rule a name, something like 'Add more content link'
  4. Optionally, you can provide tags to the rules for filtering in administration iterface, unless you have a lot of Rules, tagging isn't neccessary.
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