Mosaik Management

You can access Mosaik administration section from the admin/structure/mosaik page.
Here you'll find all your mosaiks created via UI and you can search among them using the exposed filters.
To add a new Mosaik just click on the "Add Mosaik" link (admin/structure/mosaik/add) and fill up the form.


You will be asked to set a machine-name and a title for your mosaik and to choose the behaviour it will have:

Creating a custom build of Modernizr based on your Drupal setup

When your site is ready to go live, you'll want to take inventory of which feature tests you used, and reduce your Modernizr JS library to include only those tests that you need. This way it is as small as possible, downloading and executing more quickly than it would with unused feature detections present and firing.

The Modernizr module has you covered; it keeps track of all the tests being requested by other modules and themes — just visit admin/config/development/modernizr. There are three sources: modules, themes, and tests within your current copy of modernizr.js.


The Asset module proposes a new approach to the media management in Drupal, resolving a long-standing problem of reusable media files (images, videos, documents, etc) that evolved into the problem of reusable media content (images/videos/documents/etc with the attached content like description/licence/etc).


Cloud (a.k.a Clanavi) is a set of modules that lets users administer public and private clouds from within Drupal. Clanavi provide users the ability to manage public clouds such as AWS EC2 clouds as well as private clouds like OpenStack and XCP.


Administration Menu Elements


To configure this module just go to the module settings page (admin/config/administration/admin_menu/elements) to change which elements will be displayed and the order of them. You can choose all of them or none of them:


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