Configuring the Search API server

This section documents all settings that are available when creating/editing a Search API server with the "Solr search" service class.

Setting up Solr

For using the Search API Solr Search module, you first need a Solr server with the appropriate configuration files. For that, you have two options: either installing Solr on your own server, or purchasing a server instance at a Solr hosting provider.
The most important thing to remember, for both variants, is to configure the Solr server with the correct configuration files.

Search API Solr search

The Search API Solr search module provides a backend for the Search API which uses the popular Apache Solr search engine for storing and searching data. This handbook section documents its features, how to set it up and some advanced functionality.

Manage the display of search results

This documentation is written for the 7.x-2.x version of Display Suite.

Display Suite can override the way that Drupal's (and Apache solr's) default search results are being displayed. This will be useful if you wanted to include images or file attachments in search results.


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