Customizing the Solr configuration

The Solr configuration files packaged with this module are provided in a way to make customizing as easy as possible. The “core files” with the base configuration for the Solr server are schema.xml and solrconfig.xml. These should never be edited directly as they will have to be updated if future versions of the Search API Solr search module changes these files (though this shouldn't be the case too often).

The other files, however, only contain some default settings or only documentation, to help you customize your Solr server. These files will only rarely change, and when they do it should either be unnecessary to update your copies, or trivial to do so. Therefore, you can fill and edit them with custom settings specific to your site's needs. For the format of these files and what you can do with them, see the documentation comments included in them, or the official Solr wiki. The three *_extra*.xml files are included into schema.xml and solrconfig.xml when they are read, thus allowing you to easily add settings to them.

Remember: After changing any configuration, you will always have to restart your Solr server for the changes to take effect!

Developer documentation

This page contains some documentations for developers who want to work with the Search API Solr Search module, either to build on it, use it in custom ways or to write patches for it.

Configuring the Search API server

This section documents all settings that are available when creating/editing a Search API server with the "Solr search" service class.

Setting up Solr

For using the Search API Solr Search module, you first need a Solr server with the appropriate configuration files. For that, you have two options: either installing Solr on your own server, or purchasing a server instance at a Solr hosting provider.
The most important thing to remember, for both variants, is to configure the Solr server with the correct configuration files.

Search API Solr search

The Search API Solr search module provides a backend for the Search API which uses the popular Apache Solr search engine for storing and searching data. This handbook section documents its features, how to set it up and some advanced functionality.


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