Setting up Solr

For using the Search API Solr Search module, you first need a Solr server with the appropriate configuration files. For that, you have two options: either installing Solr on your own server, or purchasing a server instance at a Solr hosting provider.

The most important thing to remember, for both variants, is to configure the Solr server with the correct configuration files (see below).

Using a hosted solution

Using a hosted solution has the big advantage of requiring no expertise in Solr. There are a number of Solr hosts which either support the Search API directly or allow you to upload your own configuration files. A few of them are listed on the Search API Solr Search project page, but the list is surely incomplete (and might also be out-dated). One thing to watch out for (except for either explicit support of the latest version of Search API Solr Search or support of uploading custom configs) is that the connection shouldn't require any advanced authentication mechanism, like a certificate or appending GET parameters to all requests, as this currently isn't supported by the module (out of the box). Currently, only Basic HTTP Authentication and HTTPS are supported.

Search API Solr search

The Search API Solr search module provides a backend for the Search API which uses the popular Apache Solr search engine for storing and searching data. This handbook section documents its features, how to set it up and some advanced functionality.

Manage the display of search results

This documentation is written for the 7.x-2.x version of Display Suite.

Display Suite can override the way that Drupal's (and Apache solr's) default search results are being displayed. This will be useful if you wanted to include images or file attachments in search results.

WHAT/WHERE search + Solr 3.6 + location(lat/lng) + radius based search

This doc will help you to

  • Modify schema.xml so that it supports geo location values
  • WHAT/WHERE search (radius based) - instead of a single keyword based search
  • Content-type based filtration
  • Implementation of hook_apachesolr_index_document_build, hook_apachesolr_query_alter

I am not going through the steps for installing / connecting solr with drupal. A lot of articles are already available online.


Typically for job/property search sites, where you have two text fields: WHAT and WHERE. I am using the apachesolr search pages for this implementation.
Example search:
WHAT: drupal architect
WHERE: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
(basically, the 'where' is an autofill textbox - which gets data from YQL - and its cached when search is being repeated)



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