Drupal AJAX Is No Longer Working

For some reason my
views, panels or any ajax feature
is not working on my drupal site

Can you please help?

Many Thanks

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collect form_states via ajax, if forms are in different blocks

I wonder if it's possible to get the values from two forms, if the forms are in two different blocks. I like to design a search page. The search page should have many option-forms for filtering the result. The search-page gets the xml-data from a solr-server, the option forms are sending users choice via REST to the solr-server. This works.

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need support, trying to implement ajax in a view

Hi, this is what im trying to do:

I made an inventory management, that was easy, I just did the content type product with its respective fields of cuantity, and others.
In a view I did 2 tables the normal stock and the critic stock, where I show the name of the product, the quantity and 2 buttons for each product, the button (+) and the button (-) those buttons are for add or remove products of the stock, you understand, this is an example

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Using a Custom Pager with Entity Lister

Entity Lister comes with an AJAX pager, but in many cases your application may require you to supply your own custom AJAX pager. For example, you might have to post some value to your callback function that can only be determined in the javascript. Your callback may need to take into account the values of UI elements elsewhere on the page -- such as filters that appear above your list. In such a case the AJAX pager in Entity Lister won’t suffice. You'll need to write your own. Fortunately it's quite easy to do so.

Ajaxify Drupal with Ajax Links API Module

Ajax links API module help you to load any content to a specified DIV using JQuery Ajax. This module will also load JS for Ajax-loaded content by using Drupal.attachBehaviors(). In case you dont want to load js or css, you can alter tpl for path/node type, for example html--node--add--ajax.tpl.php or html--article--ajax.tpl.php.

Links will work as normal if Javacript is disabled so no effect on web crawlers used by search engines.In HTML5 browsers, title bar and url will change using history.pushState(). Also, it will update active class on links.


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