Developing Modules for the Discography Framework

In order to use the Discography Framework with other API's besides, or other entities besides the Release Node, you will need to develop your own module that plugs in to the Discography Framework. This project is designed to make it as easy as possible to do so; all you need to do is to implement a small number of hooks.

Block Commenter

Block Commenter is a module that blocks the spammer permanently from commenting thus prevents spam comments and posts which degrades the value of the posted content.
This is a simple drupal 7 module which allows Drupal site administrators to block the registered users from commenting on nodes of selected content type.

Updating Contributed Modules


  1. Visit for a list of security announcements and instructions on how to subscribe to the security announcements mailing list.
  2. Updates should be run on a development site and tested prior to deploying to production.
  3. Some module updates should be treated with more caution than others. For example, permissions related modules that protect entire portions of your site may warrant more thought and testing than other modules on your site.
  4. Consider deploying Drush for your site in order to expedite the module update process.

Before updating anything

  1. Before running updates, navigate to admin/reports/updates/update to see which modules are out of date.
  2. If your site has any custom documentation specific to it, check this documentation to ensure that any modules that need to be updated don't have special conditions or constraints.

    Simple steps for creation of module in drupal 6.

    A simple steps for creation of module with name "customsite" are follows .

    Step 1 : create a folder with name "customsite"

    Step 2 : create an info file with name ""
    The file must contain the following datas .

    Upgrade anonymizer module for drupal 7

    Imagine that you are very popular in a Forum XYZ. And you've just seen a movie that you didn't like and you want to create a forum topic cursing about that movie. But you do not want that other users see your posts identity. But if anonymizer module is enabled and the proper permissions are configured correctly, you may check a button which says "Post anonymously". And you will see that your post is anonymous. And people will not see your username in the forum topic. Thanks anonymizer module for this terrific trick ;).
    This is awesome but anonymizer module is currently working for drupal 6.
    An upgrade should be done so that it also works in drupal 7.
    Let's rock doing a new version. Yeah !!!

    The new module for drupal 7 will have the same as version 2 but with some upgrades like:

    The permissions will be:
    -Post anonymous nodes
    -View hidden author

    If permission "post anonymous nodes" is actived.
    A user logs in, creates a node, clicks in Post anonymously.
    The same user watchs his post and just see
    Fri, 2012-06-01 15:18 — Anonymous
    Author: username

    If the permission of "view hidden author" is actived.
    Any user may see the post but now with the following format:
    Fri, 2012-06-01 15:18 — Anonymous
    Author: username

    If the user does not have permissions just see

    Compatibility with contributed modules

    Although most of Drupal core objects and strings can be translated with the Internationalization (i18n) package, contributed modules are a different story and some of them present specific issues. For administrative purposes, we will be handling core issues as 'bugs' and compatibility issues with other contributed modules as 'support requests'. This is a list of known issues and workarounds.


    Blocks defined through the Context module cannot be translated by i18n for now. Use one module or the other for block visibility. Multilingual menu blocks are also not compatible with Context.

    Domain Access

    Using Domain Access with Internationalization will cause multiple issues so first of all please think twice if you really need to use both of them. (Each domain having a different language doesn't mean you really need i18n, unless you are actually sharing some multilingual data between domains). Some of the issues:


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