Masquerade - switch to another user then switch back

The Masquerade module allows users to temporarily switch to another user account. It keeps a record of the original user account, so users can easily switch back to the previous account.

Using Drupal users and roles in GeoServer

The core idea of Cartaro is the closest possible integration of geodata with other content in a single software stack. This aspect also extends to the common management of users, roles and their permissions, meaning you should be able to apply the same security mechanisms and permissions for spatial and non-spatial content. Within Cartaro the permissions for non-spatial content are handled by Drupal. GeoServer, on the other hand, is responsible to deliver optionally protected geospatial data to the web either through web services (OWS) or through a number of downloadable file formats.

Imagecache Profiles

Imagecache Profiles module allows you to set user profile pictures that are consistent throughout your site and allows avatars on the user profile pages to be a different size. The module also allows for style definitions to be defined for images used in Comments and Nodes.

The standard Image styles in Drupal 7 core are; thumbnail, medium and large. If a different Image style is desired, it can be created.

Part 1. Create a new Image style to use with ImageCache Profiles.

Here is an example of how to create a new Image style, your settings can vary.

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