Static and Dynamic Thumbnails for Facebook

We wanted to declare a specific version of our logo as available when sharing to Facebook from a site, but also to retain the ability to select images from the shared page. The standard meta-tag method limited us to a single thumbnail, and prevented page-specific thumbnails from appearing.

To provide both static and page-specific thumbnails, add the new image for all pages to the header area of the page template and assign to it the existing Drupal “element-invisble” class. Facebook will still load and display this "invisible" image, along with other suitable images on the page.

Imagecache Profiles

Imagecache Profiles module allows you to set user profile pictures that are consistent throughout your site and allows avatars on the user profile pages to be a different size. The module also allows for style definitions to be defined for images used in Comments and Nodes.

The standard Image styles in Drupal 7 core are; thumbnail, medium and large. If a different Image style is desired, it can be created.

Part 1. Create a new Image style to use with ImageCache Profiles.

Here is an example of how to create a new Image style, your settings can vary.

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