Media + CKEditor + Media CKEditor recipe for setup

# This is a drush make file for a media_wysiwyg setup using the CKEditor
# module.
# Build a new d7 site using this recipe with this drush command:
# drush make /path/to/this/file /path/to/destination/folder
# HOWEVER, if you want to build it without core, you will have to run this command
# drush make /path/to/this/file --no-core /path/to/destination/folder
# After downloading and moving files into place, here are the manual steps
# needed to set everything up:

Media Entity

This is a explanation of getting up and running with the Media Entity module.
Note that the official documentation about the module, which is maintained and updated by the maintainers is the D8 Media Guide. The information on this page may be outdated.

Working with cropping tools

There are a number of modules which try to do cropping automatically and intelligently, for example Smart Crop. However, it seems that most of the time manual intervention will be necessary or at least highly desirable.
We will describe four modules which aim to address this problem. They all have essentially the same workflow:

Working with players

Introduction to Scald players

Players can modify the display of the context. It is usually implemented by providers to be able to switch between different types of display methods.
For example a gallery provider could implement a player that displays the gallery items with the galleria javascript library, with its own specific settings. While It could implement another player that uses a different library with different settings to display the same items.

NetX DAM Integration

The NetX integration module contains 2 ways to display metadata associated with each asset.

1. Using the views integration to create a view that pulls in the Asset Meta Data
2. Use template preprocess and template.php to display those attributes.

Let's look at method #2:

NetX Metadata is generally stored in Drupal's file_entity object.

For example, in a devel tab for a file or when you use


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