Social feed field

The social feed field module makes it possible for editors to create a list of social media posts in a entity that are combined and ordered by created date from several different social media channels.

The module creates a new field type that site builders can add to entities.

Social Feed


The Social Feed module is very similar to other Drupal modules which require Libraries and X Autoload Module to use for the 3rd party code integration. Hence, for installation of the Social Feed module please follow the below-mentioned steps:

Using Code To Publishing Photo to a Facebook Page

By using Rules Module Actions "Execute Custom PHP Code" for Events like update or saving contents,
or By using APIs hook_node_insert($node) for example, you can publish a photo type to your Facebook Page.
see the below test code.

Working with Facebook Events

Please search the issue queue for examples on how to work with Facebook Events.

Update a remote Facebook publication based on node changes.

Chances that you are publishing a Facebook publication link on the user timeline or to a Facebook fan page upon node creation are quite high.

The video tutorial and rules can help you greatly with that. The problem arises when you want to keep track of the changes in your node and reflect those changes in your Facebook publication. To do so you will need to store the facebook publication remote ID Facebook assigns to your publication when is posted.

The most common place to store this is in the Facebook Publication entity you created. Then the workflow is:


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