Giant Rabbit, LLC

a giant robotic rabbit

Giant Rabbit builds web sites and data systems for non-profit organizations.

Services: Consulting, Design, and 22 more
Sectors: Arts, Community, and 10 more
Locations: United States

The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths is the primary attraction of the six Bath & North East Somerset Council Heritage Services; the Roman Baths, the Fashion Museum, the Victoria Art Gallery, Bath Venues, the Bath Record Office and the World Heritage Site.

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Nik Nak Studio

Nik Nak Studio logo

We are Nik Nak Studio.
We design and code for web, mobile and tablets to develop your ideas.

Sounds simple because it is.

Sectors: Enterprise, Education, and 2 more
Locations: Spain

Celebrate Drupal

Celebrate Drupal

Celebrate Drupal is a digital media firm founded by web veterans Chris and Beth McGrath.

Services: E-commerce, Content strategy, and 22 more
Sectors: Community, Beauty and Fashion, and 23 more
Locations: United States

National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum website on tablet and mobile phones

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum (BHoF) is a national institution. For 75 years they have housed the archive of America's favourite game, welcoming new inductees each year and connecting generations with their huge love and knowledge of the sport.

BHoF has a large and dedicated audience, but their location in Central New York limits the number of physical visits to the museum. To reach a wider audience, they needed to unlock the full potential of their online visitors.

Organizations involved: 
Team members: 

SCV HomeTown Web

Los Angeles Web Design | SCV HomeTown Web

SCV HomeTown Web is a web design firm local to the Santa Clarita Valley. We specialize in developing and hosting websites and custom online applications.

Services: Data migration, Site Audits, and 14 more
Sectors: Religious organizations, Non-profit, and 16 more
Locations: United States


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