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Huawei Developer Zone website is the display, support and services platform for Huawei ICT(Information and Communications Technology) products and solutions. It is well known that Huawei is the leader and pathfinder of ICT in the world, its products and solutions covering more than 170 countries, serving more than one-third of the world's population, which can be seen on the official website of Huawei's attention.

Youth4Peace for the United Nations on Open Social

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Over the past decade, the involvement of some young people – particularly young men, but increasingly young women too – in violent acts and extremist groups has led some to paint youth generally as a threat to global security and stability.
But research shows that youth who participate actively in violence are a minority, while the majority of youth – despite the injustices, deprivations and abuse they can confront daily, particularly in conflict contexts – are not violent and do not participate in violence.

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Campaign Rocks

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Campaign Rocks is an online community where people can create online debates and discuss about important topics.
It is also a powerful marketing/research platform for campaign creators as each campaign comes with a generated report for analysis.

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