Agrupación CRECE

CRECE is a political organization of Rosario Central Club members. Rosario Central is an Argentine soccer team

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Monia Coach Sportif

Monia Coach Sportif

Monia est coach sportif diplômée d'état. Elle intervient sur la côte d'azur et tout particulièrement dans la région de Bandol.
Elle pratique le coaching à domicile pour la remise en forme, la perte de poids, la préparation sportive et donne des séances de musculation dans les salles de fitness (Eden Forme au Beausset).
Elle vous propose un accompagnement personnalisé sur le plan Sportif, diététique mais aussi sur le plan Mental. Ces trois facteurs réunis permettront d'atteindre l'objectif souhaité.

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Problem: The Leisure Sports websites were in dire need of a lift. The project tackled multiple issues: several locations with different content editors, an outdated and complex fitness scheduling tool, outdated navigation and branding, no real ability for internal promotions, and the list goes on. These issues made managing the fitness classes and content of the website extremely difficult.

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National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum website on tablet and mobile phones

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum (BHoF) is an American institution. For 75 years they have housed the archive of America's favorite game, welcoming new inductees each year and connecting generations with their huge love and knowledge of the sport.

BHoF has a large and dedicated audience, but their location in Central New York limits the number of physical visits to the museum. To reach a wider audience, they needed to unlock the full potential of their online presence.

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Lacrosse Gear Review


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