Canadian Transportation Agency

Canadian Transportation Agency Drupal Homepage

The Canadian Transportation Agency is an independent, quasi-judicial tribunal and economic regulator. It makes decisions and determinations on a wide range of matters involving air, rail and marine modes of transportation under the authority of Parliament, as set out in the Canada Transportation Act and other legislation.

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police

RCMP Drupal Homepage


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is Canada’s national police service and an agency of the Ministry of Public Safety Canada. Its role as a national, federal, provincial and municipal policing body, makes it unique in the world.

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Economic Action Plan for the Canadian Privy Council Office

Economic Action Plan for the Canadian Privy Council Office Drupal Homepage


Canada’s Economic Action Plan was designed to help create jobs, economic growth and long-term prosperity from coast to coast to coast. It connects Canadians with jobs, helps businesses to better compete in the global economy, and promotes research and innovation. It was also established to support vital public infrastructure, as well as families and communities.

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The Royal Military College of Canada

The Royal Military College of Canada Drupal Homepage

The Royal Military College had three months to bring their entire website out of the dark ages and into 2015.

The Royal Military College had about 6,000 pages that were l stored as static HTML files. Each page included two files so the content would be available in either French or English.

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