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I haven't created much content with Drupal as yet and still reading, watching lessons on how it all works.
I had latest version 7 installed and it sat idle doing nothing. Now i have installed beta 8 to try and site is being flooded with spam user registrations.
Is this a coincidence that i have installed 8 and the spam has just started?
If i went back to 7 would this stop or am i too late?
Didnt really want to have to make users use a captcha style rego if possible.
Thanks Heapy

Changing The Storage Location of Active and Staging Directories

Before installation

Please note that this seems currently broken in Drupal 8 Beta 6. Check "After installation" for a way that works with that Drupal version.

Open up your settings.php file and look for the line $config_directories = array();. The comment above that line tells you what to do.

Query strings in Drupal 8

I'm trying to have a tour start automatically in Drupal 8. If I type in ?tour=1 after the path in the url of the browser it works fine. However, trying to do that by adding in ?tour=1 in the routing.yml file and Drupal 8 converts the ? and = to escaped character strings which don't work at all. I looked around but didn't see any reference to what could be put in the routing.yml file get the proper characters to show up in the url being generated. Does anyone know the answer?

advice to do a paid subscription service with Video.

I am actually doing tutorials for iPHONE and ANDROID development. Perhaps some golang.
I wanted to create a paid service to do articles and tutorials... I thought I would put out some requests for comments to see what the state of the art in this field would be... what DRUPAL would offer.

Ideally, a student would pay $x for 3 months.. with a recurring payment option.
What are my options?

I would also do this in Drupal 8 if this is an option. not proud.

Drupal 8 maintenance mode after database update

Just installed latest Drupal 8 (for testing purposes and learning twig). After database update site remained in maintenance mode:

Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in contact_menu_local_tasks_alter() (line 96 of core/modules/contact/contact.module).
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in contact_menu_local_tasks_alter() (line 96 of core/modules/contact/contact.module).

install drupal 8 css error

Installed Drupal 8 (6) to my hosting provider and its not looking too good...
Sent in a ticket to provider for help and got this response? Not too helpful for my skill level and hope someone might know how to fix?

site is

There was a screenshot of a css page which had hundreds of ? in little diamonds.

Reply from ticket

There are two possible causes for this issue...


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