Alfresco integration

Good morning
How do we use CMIS in both of Drupal and Alfresco?

Drupal 8 hook_form_alter

Dear everyone,

I've been struggling for almost a week now trying to learn how to implement hook_form_alter in Drupal 8. I've got the Form API module from the examples module and I've been trying to insert hook_form_alter there but Drupal doesn't even see this function.

The routing file looks like this:



I've just managed to install Drupal 8, and I'd like to prepare my environment.
Is there a way to debug the code (step by step, breakpoints, variable watch)...

I have some experience with software development but less with PHP, thus I'll certainly need a debugger.

My problem is that I'm running on a shared environment and I can install only what is available via cPanel. I can't have a dedicated configuration only for myself on PHP.

Thank you very much, and I can't wait to get started with learning more about Drupal.

Paragraph Module theming


I am trying to create a template for a paragraph type name is "hero Image". I have added three images in this paragraphs type.
create a new template for this type. template name is "paragraph--hero_image.html.twig"

When I render the page its rendering whole template code three time. I would like to add a wrapper div/class above this template render. How can achieve this.
here is the template code

FILE NAME IS- paragraph--hero_image.html.twig

Register your new entity

hi guys,

please help me how to do to upadate the new entity in my bd.

i use drush entup but nothing

please help me !!!!

Configuration import failing.

This is a puzzling problem. I work locally on my drupal 8 site and deploy to a production server via Capistrano. I just recently upgraded locally to 8.3.1 and the upgrade went smoothly. I exported the config and committed the code to my git repo as usual. I then deployed to my production server via capistrano. The code deployed without fail. When I attempt to drush cim, i get the following error:


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