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On a views of type Page we can use a contextual filter with a default parameter given by a query parameter and it works fine (when the parameter is provided in the url).

I’m wondering if we can use the same contextual filter on views of type Entity reference.
With the beta7 a field using that view doesn’t show any result at all (when the parameter is provided in the url).
With the beta9 there is a bug: when defining the field it is not possible to select the view (of type entity reference) so I can’t say if it’s working or not.

Drupal DB Problems

Hello Everyone,

native iPHONE/ SWIFT and ANDROID/JAVA calls to REST on Drup 8 and 7

I've done this before a couple years ago, but I assume things have changed a lot since.

Ideally, lookng to use DRUPAL 8, and I assume REST has changed.

And I am looking for the recipe in DRUPAL 8 as well as sample native SWIFT and JAVA code.

Any links would also help

[drupal 8] What is the best way to add file upload to ckeditor ?

I would like to allow content editor to upload and link to various files as they need (pdf, zip, etc.).
It is easy and integrated for images in the default ckeditor. I would need the same, but for generic files.
There is no button I can add to ckeditor that can do this.

I know there is a files content tab.But no upload tool.

But what is the best way to easily upload a file (whatever it is) and link to it with drupal 8?
Thanks :)

Extend base content type

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if with Drupal 8 there is the possibility to have a base content type that other content types can extend in order to have the same field base.

Thanks for your time!

Internal Page Cache

placeholder for the Drupal 8 module Internal Page Cache


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