my multisite doesn't work

my multisite configuration doesn't work.
However I read official drupal tutorial.

I have this configuration :


In my sites.php :

Uninstall module from code

How do I uninstall the modules by code since my site was down (500) because I debugging my site by reinstall modules function how do I fix this

Securing files...


I'm extremely new to Drupal, so please forgive me if I stumble around a bit trying to explain my issue... I need help...I need to find a way to upload files (minutes, letters etc) specifically to a defined role: (My Drupal roles are: Authenticated user, Director, Officer, Administrator)

My concern is that I don't want the files that are shared to an Officer Role or to the Director Role to be accessible by the Authenticated user role.

Markdown as Editor Default?

I want to remove everything from the CKEditor button bar, allowing editors to work entirely in Markdown. I have the Markdown module for CKEditor, but it places a button on the toolbar. Is there a way to make Markdown the editor's default?

Personalized subscription module (drupal 8)

Hi all,

I am looking for a module that will enable me to automatically generate individual newsletters for users. what I mean is the following.

news, events, etc. on the web page will be assigned to corresponding keywords from taxonomy vocabulary. I want to enable users to select certain keywords and receive only associated content in the newsletter.

I found that mailchimp is doing something similar but it has limitations in user numbers and uses external service.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Content Type Fields: Custom Form Elements & Data Storage


I have a requirement, which I know how to achieve in Drupal 7. However, I am not sure of the D8 approach. Below mentioned are the details.

I have following available in my Drupal UI:

  1. Article Content Type
  2. Tags field, Which is provided by default as an entity reference of Taxanomy Term.


  1. Create checkbox element inside the "Edit Form" of Tags field (i.e: field_config_edit_form).
  2. Save this checkbox element value.

Drupal 7 Approach:


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