Where to place views-view-field.html.twig and under what file name?


Where to place core/modules/views/templates/views-view-field.html.twig to overide it? I use bootstrap module so i tried with different names inside themes/bootstrap/templates/views but no one worked. Do I put it in the right directory? I tried to follow the naming convention like views-view-field--view_books_list--field_book_name.html.twig and some others but without any result. (My view has the view machine name view_book_list). Do you have an idea that would help me?


Search for Perfect Database Module(s)


Hope someone can help me. I currently maintain a database website on cetaceans (whales & dolphins) on wordpress however at the moment I have several pieces of data in different locations and this is very time consuming to update.

I know it is possible somehow but no idea how to do it but I would love the ability to have 1 primary table database with all the information on whales & dolphins I require and have pages reading from the table based on key words and / or a reference number?

Cannot access content just after installation of the latest version

before minutes have installed your CMS to my new internet page.
When i open the index i see "Manage" > "Content" and if i click it i go to 404 error
If i click on "add content" i receive the same error

Thanks in advance

[8.2.3] Mismatched entity and/or field definitions

In /admin/reports/status I get the following:

White website with .txt like content! [PLEASE HELP] (drupal 8)

Hello Drupal Community.

I just installed drupal on my website hosted by one.com

Using Composer on Production?

On some shared hosting environsments it is difficult to install Composer, although often possible. Anyway I read that it is not recommended to use Composer when deploying on production and that it should be just used locally. Instead everything should be deployed with git (although when you first install D8 with Composer core, modules, etc. are excluded in the provided gitignore file). Any opinions on this? What is the best practice?


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