Cache max-age

Cache max-age = time dependencies

Cache max-age is analogous to HTTP's Cache-Control header's max-age directive


Cache max-age provides a declarative way to create time-dependent caches.

Smart Cache

Drupal 8 provides a Smart Cache module that is recommended for websites of all sizes. It caches pages minus the personalized parts, and is therefore useful for all users (both anonymous & authenticated).

We can find this core module at: core/modules/smart_cache.

Drupal as a secured CMS?

I need to make a new CMS with the following security settings. Anyone knows how to do it under Drupal?

1) Administration site on an Intranet server (for Internal Staff only)

2) Public site on an Internet server without the Administration site (for content Integrity)
Reason why the Administration site cannot be hosted together with the Public site is to avoid hacking or bypassing of the Administration login, afraid of making page defacement or SQL injection possible by professional hackers.

Custom code: one big module vs. many small modules


I am looking to find some data about the pure overhead of an extra module on a Drupal site. Not in terms of its functionality or the amount of actual codes it adds, but the mere fact there is an extra module.

Sorry if this is readily available somewhere, but when Googling for this, all I found was generic answers about many vs. few modules, every module adding a memory footprint, etc.

Using DrupalCI on

For any project on, DrupalCI testing can be enabled from the Automated Testing link on the Project page. Please note: Only project maintainers have the ability to configure project testing.

At the top of the Automated Testing tab you will see the configuration for the existing PIFT/PIFR testing, but below that you will see the test matrix for the new DrupalCI tests:

For each supported testing environment you can enable:

[Drupal 8] Modifying a controller's content

Is there any way to modify a controller's content? To be more specific, I have a controller building a table (using #type => table) and I want another module to add a field to it and add the field's data, is there a way to do that in Drupal 8?


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