Best solution for field combining? (for event management)

Hi, everybody,

I am researching the best solution for event handling solution. I need some kind of field combining (or?). The result should be something like this:

date_A, place_X
date_B, place_Y
date_C, place_Z
Some basic info about event_A.

date_D, place_Y
date_E, place_X
date_F, place_X
Some basic info about event_B.

What would be the best solution for date and place combining?

Media management module for Drupal 8?

Does anyone know which module is going to be used to manage media elements in Drupal 8 ? ?

Implement user editable pages in his "namespace"

So I would like to have this structure:

# A page (default blank) which can be edited by jhon

# A page which can be created and edited by jhon and
# should be linked to in a menu in /users/jhon

# The same as above and should be linked to
# in a menu in /users/jhon/project

So I was starting to work on the profiles, but it don't feels like the right way..

Multisite Manager in Drupal 8?


We are thinking to convert our current MODX cms to Drupal. But I am a bit confusing on how to create multisite in Drupal 8, especially most of the instructions are for Drupal 6 or 7. So, can someone point me to a good reference of how to instructions for Drupal 8? Also, I was wondering is there a plugin for "Multisite Manager" in Drupal 8? We could create up to 10 multisite by using Drupal 8, so we would like to research on how to manage these sites in Drupal 8. Or, should we use Drupal 7 instead of Drupal 8 for MultiSite creation? Thanks.


A tool to automatically migrate of Wordpress to Drupal

a tool to automatically migrate the content of my website created in wordpress to drupal. I read somewhere that there is a module for migrating files based on XML. Currently I want to integrate an online store and I read that it is advisable to use this platform to the detriment to Wordpress

upload and remove button in D8

Hi All,
I am tryng to write my first D8 code ... I have a file field type in a content type ... how can enable/disable remove_button in the form?
I tried using the hook_field_widget_form_alter() but I don't know how to get to the button element.
Someone has already handled this case ?
Many thanks!


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