Move Drupal from to

I will be ready to move my site from my development subdomain to the root of my domain in the next few days. However, I ran into an issue trying earlier trying to change my drupal install from an installarton app to a standalone app.

So, when it comes time to move my site to production (root of public_html), what would be the proper procedure to ensure this doesn't happen again? Just move all my files to /public_html and be done? Or is there something in settings.php or somewhere else that will need to be edited as well?

I the following installed:

Ubercart Button Text Change

Hey Everyone,

I've done some googling around with respect to finding out how to change the text inside the "Add to Cart" button to "Buy Now".

I noticed that there's a module for drupal 6 and 7 but I couldn't find anything yet for Drupal 8. Are there any modules like this for drupal 8? And if not, how would I make this change?

I also wouldn't mind changing the color of the button.


-S. Bailey

D8, Use custom field in custom entity

How can i use a custom field in a custom entity?
Based on the drupal examples, how I can use the "field_example_rgb" (from field_example) in my own custom content entity with bundle? I will add this field to the main entity table.
I have try the following:

Display same menu twice with different attributes

Is there a way to display the same menu (main) twice on a page but have different classes for each. I have a template that I am converting to a custom theme and the mobile menu is basically the same menu but wrapped in a different nav and has different classes. What I did at first was create a mobile menu that was the same as the main in structure and styled it the way that the template did it, but every time I added a link to the main I had to manually add a link to the mobile menu as well. Would appreciate any thoughts on this. I am working with Drupal 8.


Drupal seems to be giving wrong content types and a syntax error.

When I upgraded my server for My website from ubuntu 14.04, I moved my drupal 8 installation. I've never done this before, but it didn't seem like it should be hard, so I just went for it. I regularly do mysql dumps of my database from a cron job that saves the files. Therefore, I simply ran mysql, and then source database.sql (Much longer name though). Then, I placed drupal in the appropriate location, and since 8.1.7 had come out, it was the new version.

How to Create Custom Multi-Column Homepage?

I am using Drupal 8.x and the Bootstrap theme. I want to create a custom homepage that doesn't have the usual sidebar/content/sidebar arrangement. I also don't want to get involved in coding, but through views, or some module. (I've tried Pages, Panels, Panelizer and DisplaySuite, but they are either too complicated or do not address the homepage.)

What are my options?


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