New To Drupal

Hello, I am brand new to drupal. have a site built with front page and want to use a CMS to manage my site. A couple basic things I wish to understand. If I install a theme can I install a module as part of the site. I have alot of information I am going to place on my new site and wish to ad a classified ad section. If I have a theme for my current site can I ad a module like Moneyscript's Pat to Publish as a part of my site rather than a stand alone seperate site. Also any feed back on the corperate clean theme offered by More than Themes? Thanks in advance for your help.

Does drupal have REST based authoring capability

We have a strong subsystem which is exposed as REST based services. Does Drupal have a capability to consume already developed REST services responses as template while authoring a web content, while executing the REST call and replacing the appropriate place holders after publishing ?

What are the modules I would require to develop the same?

I need advice for my site


My name is Silvia, a Spanish girl, and I currently have a site who is hosted on Wordpress. The website is (

I love new challenges and Im looking for the best CMS that currently exists. I have heard that Drupal is undoubtedly the best of all because it allows you to develop practically anything that you can think.

D8 - Removing filters in views programmatically

Drupal 8:

I am altering a view using hook_views_data_alter to display a date range filter.
I was able to create the form to look the way I wanted with hook_form_alter.

It looks like this:

Start Date: (textfield, the value of which is a filter)
End Date: (textfield, the value of which is a filter)

Now, this works and it filters successfully. What I'm having a hard time with, though, is a pair of radio buttons I'm generating in hook_form_alter.

Drupal 8: Overriding/theming Views REST Export?

Hello Gurus,
I have a REST Export view display setup in Drupal 8, showing node fields. It's AWESOME.

The challenge: I want to theme/tweak/alter the output of JSON or HAL_JSON. Currently, it's rendering this in JSON:


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