Forum Integration / User Database Sharing for Drupal 8 ?

Is there any way for integration SMF, Phpbb, Vbulletin, Xenforo, Discourse or any other PHP forum script for Drupal 8 ?... there is some for D7 (most of them not working properly) but i need D8 integration.

I dont like Drupal's default comment system, forum or advanced forum module etc (for now its not ready for D8 too).

I need Drupal and forum script should share user database, when user login/sign to forum should login/sign to Drupal too. I dont need to share forum and Drupal contents between two script. Forum and D8 could located on different subdomains.

Best practice for redirecting users via Drupal 8 code.

Can anybody tell me why the following code is outputting the proceeding http error, and potentially a fix?


      $response = new RedirectResponse(Url::fromRoute('mymodule.routename'));


Duplicate headers received from server


I've got some working code but I was trying to remove deprecated code...

Module to Link Documents that are Related?

I've noticed that someone has created a tab in their documents that says "linked documents" and it contains a manual list of all documents which have been defined as "related." It creates a two way link between the documents. For example, let's say you wrote an article on the Jackson Five music group. You also wrote a second article on michael jackson himself. You want to create a relationship between the two so you link the documents and there is a link two ways between the Jackson Five and the michael jackson article.

How to optimize content entry - forms?

I'm moving someone from Wordpress to a more advanced Drupal site that uses custom doc types. Wordpress has fantastic forms plugins you can buy which allow you to create an entry page with all the fields for your custom doc type, make it look pretty, map the fields to the appropriate fields and make it easy for users to enter new content. For example, you create a clean title box, box, category and other taxonomies and a submit button. The user sees only a clean form on the front end and can enter in the content in a clean page -- not the very messy Drupal back end.

Help! Can't make glossary using taxonomy term name

I'm using Drupal 8.0.2 and I'm trying to create a glossary of taxonomy terms by name. I have setup a simple view as follows:

  • Unformatted list
  • Fields: Taxonomy term: Name
  • Filter: Taxonomy term: Vocabulary (= Fruit Name)
  • Sort: Taxonomy term: Name (asc)

Stopping here the preview shows all Fruits by name (a-z) as expected.

The problem is when I add the following Contextual Filter:

Specific content and blocks for specific users... Help

I am making a customer accessible site for a plating company. There will be hundreds of nodes, one for each part. I have been able to make the content, make the different views, and blocks so the customer can choose their parts. But I haven't figured out a way to accomplish the example below. I can do it with just views, but I need to have a way to secure the node so only the authenticated customer can see it.


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