I am looking for a module (on Drupal 8) allowing to act as "Filebase".
Currently I do this by creating a specific article with the end either the ability to redirect to an online space (example Google Drive) and/or download the file directly. The problem is that it is not practical to manage.

The example I have is this:

Looking forward to a response from you

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How can you change twig file permission?

Right now, when my twig files are created, they are made with 777 permission, when I really want them to be read only, at 444. How would I go about changing this?

Embed Youtube Vimeo videos by placing the URL

In wordpress I am able to paste a Vimeo or Youtube URL into any text editor and the video will be automatically embeded. No need to include embed code.

How can I do that in Drupal 8?

Not only is that a very nice and practical feature but also the videos are responsive.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Theme and module.module file


I tried Drupal 8, i created a module called 'book' located in sites/all/modules/book and i created a controller, form... without problem.
But when i tried to use, i created book.module file, i followed the documentation but my template is not rendered. Moreover it seems that my book.module is not working because i put a die('dead !'); inside and nothing appear, i got the page without template.

A single custom block template for a few arbitrary blocks?

I have a few blocks I would like to use one common custom template for and I cannot figure out how to go about it.
Of course I can create N copies of my custom template each named after an individual block but then I will have to maintain these N identical copies in case of any changes - not nice. As far as I understand, the machine names of the blocks are beyond my control, at least I can't see how I possibly could [re]name N arbitrary blocks so that they follow a similar naming pattern and I could use one template for all of them.
Any ideas?

Webform 8.x-5.x: How to programmatically alter destination email address

You can alter the destination (to) address by adding a WebformHandler plugin. You can for example extend the EmailWebformHandler and add your own custom logic. This example changes the recipient based on the site's language:

The location of this file would be my_module/src/Plugin/WebformHandler/MyEmailWebformHandler.php


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