Simple exchange mechanism


I'm working on a simple site based on Drupal (blog + forum + classified advertisements). It's my first project based on this CMS, so please, be patient :P The effect, which I want to achieve is something like this:

I would be very grateful if someone can suggest me how can I build that. It's a non-profit project, so - if it's possible - I prefer to use Drupal's embedded functionality or available plugins more than writing it from scratch.

subdomain problem after install


I'm fairly new to drupal and I gues there is a quick fix for this issue, but I have been searching the site for over an hour and can't find the answer.

I installed drupal 8 in a subdirectory and I gues I still need to configure something to make it work.

all the internal links use the subdomain and the directory, but they should only use the subdomain.

One example:

Current links are like this:

On nodereference autocomplete field, add 10 new element in one click

I create a nodereference field with CCK.
I create a link with the text "Add 10 new element" under the button "Add another element".
The idea is to create 10 new autocomplete field in one click.

I tried to create a trigger 'click' with jquery on the field "field_nodes_add_more" but it is not working.

Also, when I listed all the input in the page, "field_nodes_add_more" is not in the list.

I will thanks you for all advice.

Well Formed Errors Initiative

Let's face it - Drupal's errors can be downright cryptic, especially when it isn't Drupal but PHP raising the error through calls to functions on non-objects most of the time. This is an initiative to change that.

Where are defined the options in options/install/ yaml files?


I'm trying to understand the new yaml options in config/install, but I'm a bit lost searching where are the available setting we can set and allowable values, for example, in taxonomy.vocabulary.*.yml or node.type.*.yml. I''ve searching for documentation but have not found it, so I investigated.

In Forum I found:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function ncn_api_get_meta_data()

My users get an error when the try to log into the site. the error is : Fatal error: Call to undefined function ncn_api_get_meta_data() in /home/netclaim/public_html/sites/all/modules/ncn_api/ncn_api.module on line 45

Here is the piece of code that goes with this error. Any Ideas would help, we just updated to the latest version of Drupal


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