[Drupal 8] How to detect the current language in a template?

I am using Drupal 8 with the Content Translation and the Language modules activated. I would like to do some changes in my page.html.twig template depending on the language. I can't find the piece of code to detect the current language in the TWIG template, any help on that direction would be really appreciated.

Thank you

Ckeditor in Drupal 8

I am running D 8.1 and use Ckeditor which is in Core. I have several sites in D7 and use Ckeditor there, too. My problem is that in D8 I cannot resize images, I cannot change font size, nor fonts, embed Youtube videos, and many other things.

Drupal migration/architecture


first post and new to Drupal so pls excuse some naive questions

The following concerns the latest version of Drupal 8

Examples / Starter Kit Module


The Views Slideshow Examples module is a sub-module of the Views Slideshow Xtra project. The module serves as a "Starter Kit" in that enabling the module creates working slideshows, which can be used as a starting point for your slideshows. Currently this includes three example slideshows. The first example is of a basic slideshow created using just the Views Slideshow module. The second example uses the Views Slideshow Overlay module, providing an example of a slideshow that has multiple overlays. The third example is of a single slide slideshow.

Sidebar Menu from Main Navigation

On Drupal 8
I have a main navigation, which has three depths, for example:

Web services

How make web services in Drupal?


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