Help! I Lost The Login Form

I installed the Mayo theme, but I had moved blocks around and I got pulled away before I could rearrange things. Now my session has expired, and I can't get to the login form. Is there something I can do at the command line so that I can get to the admin pages and rearrange things, so I can login properly?

how do i get rid of the errors after installing drupal

Hello there, at Drupal I'm looking for a sync key which is missing, where do i get that key , Any hint where to find that key would be nice.

Configuration directories : Not present
Your sites/drupal-8-3-3.dd/settings.php file must define the $config_directories variable as an array containing the names of directories in which configuration files can be found. It must contain a sync key.

Disable RSS (drupal 8.3.3)

Please tell me how to disable the RSS?

Archive by Date

I am looking to make a page using Views which shows an archive by date. What I am trying to achieve is an archive like this one: Ministry of Type. But I can not get my head around it ... Somebody here to help me out or point me out to a tut?

I´m on D8.3.3.

Personal Website on AWS

Hi everyone,

Migrating to VPS

I'm unsure if this is the best forum for this topic but I can't find a better one :)

I am attempting to migrate a Drupal 8 site from shared hosting to a VPS.

I have setup the directory and propagated the Database.

I have setup the mobile only sub domain


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