drupal console error


when working on local dev, i'm running into an issue with the drupal console
the command:

root@debian-salon:/var/www/cri# drupal config:export --tar --uri=www.example.com

ended with an error:

Views::getView and result

Hi everyone,

Subdomain Module

We currently have over 250 clubs worldwide and currently using wordpress.

is there any modules out there which will allow us to create subdomains for our clubs.

Currently using wp - domain.co.uk/clubname

Wanting if possible - clubname.domain.co.uk

I have search for subdomain but nothing comes up.

I am using Drupal 8.4.4  on a VPS

Any help would be great thanks as we are looking at moving away from wp.

Indiana University Theme


I can't install the theme Indiana University Theme

"Unable to install iu due to unmet dependencies: block.block.iu_content "

Do you have an explanation please ? Something to create in the block before installation ?

Best regards

SOLVED - How to use list type for custom field module


i need a custom field module with 3 fields: 2 are text and one is a select.

I have created the module, enable it and added to a content type without errors, but when i try to add a content with the field i have created i got the error 

Installation Profiles seem to be broken in D8

Not able to install Drupal using an installation profile. Installation profile was setup exactly as the Drupal.org documentation describes. https://www.drupal.org/docs/8/creating-distributions/how-to-write-a-drup...

I've also tried 5 other known working profiles and none of them work.

If your profile contains modules that are not in core, you will consistently get the following message:


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