How can show node Hits (statistics) in drupal 8 specific place?

How can I show node Hits (statistics_counter) in Drupal 8 in specific place?
I want to show user hits of a node (article) in submitted area rather than the end of a node in node links area? I do this already in drupal 7 with this code:
<?php print (int) $content['links']['statistics']['#links']['statistics_counter']['title']; ?> in node.tpl.php file
but i want to know how to convert this code to drupal 8 version.

I have to make a website that serves modular, translatable content. Is Drupal suitable for me?

Can Drupal easily handle hundreds of Content-types (each with own set of fields), thousands of Views and thousands of taxonomy vocabularies along with translating this components?

Create board in block


I created a custom block in a custom module who is displaying data from mySQL database (it's returning a lot of rows).

I wanted to know how can i create a board who is containing the data (for example : name firstname adress in 3 columns, something like that).

Thanks !

BigPipe environment requirements

  • BigPipe uses streaming, this means any proxy in between should not buffer the response: the origin needs to stream directly to the end user.
  • Hence the web server and any proxies should not buffer the response, or otherwise the end result is still a single flush, which means worse performance again.
  • BigPipe responses contain the header Surrogate-Control: no-store, content="BigPipe/1.0". For more information about this header, see

EXPERIMENTAL: BigPipe module

The BigPipe module is included in Drupal 8 core since Drupal 8.1.

The BigPipe technique was invented at Facebook.

It is strongly recommended to also enable the Dynamic Page Cache module that is included with Drupal 8 core.

What variable or array in Drupal 8 Contain node link Value?

What variable or array in Drupal 8 contain's node links Value like "comment count" , "add new comment" and how can i use or print them in certain place.


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