How to start with Paragraphs for Drupal 8

How to start in Drupal 8

  1. Create Paragraph Types (bundles in D7) add admin/structure/paragraphs_type
  2. Create a Entity Reference Revisions field on the node/entity type, like admin/structure/types/manage/page/fields for the Basic Page type of node or admin/structure/block/block-content/manage/basic/fields for blocks.
  3. Select "Paragraphs" at the field "Type of item to reference" and select a nice "Allowed number of values", "unlimited" is the best option for Paragraphs
  4. Select "Paragraphs" in the field "Reference method"

Paragraphs in Drupal 8

Drupal 8

A Drupal 8 version has been created, the alpha2 version is working with Drupal 8 beta 4. We try to keep the 8.x-1.x-dev branch compatible with the Drupal 8 HEAD. It currently has the same functionality as the Drupal 7 module.

The Drupal 8 version has been a complete rewrite of the module. It is now based on the Entity Reference Revisions module which is in core. Paragraphs defines:

Working with Paragraphs

Paragraphs is the new way of content creation!
It allows you — Site Builders — to make things cleaner so that you can give more editing power to your end-users.

This documentation will contain sitebuilder/backend-developer/frontend-developer information for the Paragraphs project.

give me Drupal Hosting recommendation

Thank you for your time to read my thread and I'm really appreciate it if you can reply this thread and share your valuable experience with me.

I'm actually want to host my site and I use ASP programming. In main domain, I plan to use ASP.NET and for my blog (, then I want to use Drupal. Anyone have great recommendation for windows hosting that support ASP and Drupal?

My requirement is simple:

Drupal 8 and IIS8.5

I just finished installing my new test server, for the development necessities is a Windows 2012 r2 x64 server with IIS 8.5 and php 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6.
I have configure the uploadprogress.dll obtained following the instructions of this topic ( and phpinfo detect if fine but drupal 8 do not detect it, am I missing something?

Cannot understand why the uploadprogress is only supported in apache servers according to the documentation.



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