Improved site search for Drupal sites

I'm developer of,
We provide reach site search functionality for Drupal based sites. Our search box is very easy to install, just enter your url, check the search results and insert the script.
You get hosted full text search server, ready to use AJAX search box (get results while typing) and a lot of options for categorization, facets, sortings.


Just seeking the general consensus... would Drupal be suitable as a platform for a social web place like Facebook? What scalability, security, user access permission issues, etc. would I run into, if any?

Per-user private nodes/files

I need to create a site in which the Admin can post private files that only a specific user or group of users can view and download.
What is the best and future-proof (D8) combination of modules and configurations that can handle this?

Drupal on Sql Server

Hello I am Pooja from London, UK. I am not sure whether this is the right section to post my problem or not? But if anybody has any information I will be thankful.

Can I install Drupal on my Sql Server 2012 express edition which ships as a free server with Visual Web Developer express edition?

I am new to this and don’t know how it works? If anybody has installed Drupal on their local host before, help is highly appreciated.

Where can I find more information on this issue? Please help.

Fully baked "real" Wiki?

We want to create a Troubleshooting Wiki that can reference other databases (e.g. MySQL, Oracle) and systems (e.g. Rally, BMC Remedy, Salesforce, Sharepoint, etc.).


how do i produce this parent-child complicated scheme?


I am trying to accomplish this:

A job profile has different skills and competences with different leves associated with it.
Someone will input once all skills and competences which are entities (like Skill 1, Competence 3 etc).

Then someone else who will be using the site will need to do this:

Create a profile and select a list of skills like

Profile XX

-- Skill 1 Level 4-8
-- Skill 2 Level 1-3

--Competence 1 Level 5-9
--Competence 3 Level 4-8


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