cookie handling in Drupal

first off: I dont know how it was done before d7 so I did not included anything before d7 to this issue.

I really have to vent my anger about cookie handling in drupal. searches for setting cookies showed up the function user_cookie_save()
which works pretty well.


how the hell are you supposed to figure out how you will be able to retrieve your data?
a function for loading that cookie data? -> no? at least not documented nor used by many of the core modules.
-> wrong

so I inspected the cookies themselves - Drupal wrote a cookie in a format like Drupal.visitor.key, so at least the cookie has been set. accessing that cookie turns out to be still a pain in the ass:

for real? $_COOKIE? with some magical detecting how Drupal or whatever formated the cookie value?


will do the trick.

this issue took some really valuable hours of my life and I am wondering why theres get or load function for that cookie and why other module developer never complained about this, changed this or at least documented it.

have a good night. maybe a core developer will read this and add a function for that.

Drupal/PHP Developer in Greater Boston, MA

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Drupal 7 or 8 import drupal 6 database


I have been running a version of drupal for a few years now and kept it upgrading until 6.20 and then stopped, it's not a public site or commercial, just a personal site on my laptop that I use, but I today noticed drupal is now on version 8, can you please tell me if I can export the drupal database from my version 6.20, create a new installation of drupal 8 and then import the database, or do I need to upgrade it at peacemeal from version to version?

Many Thanks

new technology in drupal

could anyone tell me any new thing in drupal, latest technologies


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