Hipaa Compliance Data Encryption

How I can use Hipaa Compliance Data Encryption in our whole website data which is in drupal 8.

$50 to answer a question

I'm so tired and desperate, I'd love to pay for just an answer. I'm using D8 with Rules. Entire site is done, down to one last problem. I'm trying to create a reaction rule, with the event "After saving payment" or "after saving new order" either one. After the event, I want to calculate a new value in a field in the User's account. No matter what I do, I cannot get the custom field to appear in the data selector. I've tried many combinations of "entity has field" "entity is of type" "entity is of bundle" and "fetch entity by id".

New revision - notification (workbench moderation)

Hi guys,

we have a website built on Drupal 8. There are 2 roles for editing content - editor and supereditor. Every editor can make new revisions of certain content types but only supereditor can publish these changes (or new content). We're using Workbench Moderation module right now. Is there a way how to notify supereditor about changing the content? The best solution would be the board or notifications but we'd settle with mail. Can we do that somehow?

Thanks a lot!

upgrade D7/D8 date problem

Upgrade from D7 to D8 using the migration user interface
date field no more displayed when displaying node
No problem with new nodes, just with those upgraded.

The field still exist in data type structure.
When updating a node, I see the field, seems empty
In database, in table node_field_date_event, I have the record with exact value.
If I update the record using interface without giving a new value fort the date, record node_field_date_event is removed.
Seems as if there is no link between node record and node_field_date_event record

Force https without disturbing alias

I found many solution on forcing https with is all familiar like
RewriteCond https off
RewriteRule ....

I also read the force https document but I found out that those code will disturb my content alias like

When I visit http://example.com/content_alias
It will redirect to
But not

Rules - Custom fields not related to Event not appearing in data selector

Using Rules, trying to define a custom field by creating a "Entity has Field" condition. The Event is after completing commerce payment, so the data selector only wants to populate fields related to the commerce checkout. I need to do a calculation that updates a field in the user's account depending on the product purchased. Having trouble getting custom field to appear in data selector.


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