[Fixed] Upgrade from 8.1.8 -> 8.1.9 breaks with PHP error [It was my bad]

I backed everything up, put my site in maintenance mode, deleted everything but sites, copied over everything but sites... and browsed to /update.php. The update page came up... and then I clicked on the button to update... and it just gives me a blank result page with the URL of /update.php/selection.

Only error I see is in my apache error log that says:

problems with intern drupal 8 paths


sometimes my urls like www.my-website.com/user/login are broken they lead to www.my-website.com/mysite/user/login instead. When i clear the cache its fixed. What is this? At my hoster i set the forwarding from my url www.my-website.com to the server path where my drupal installation is placed: /www/mysite

Problems with timezones on custom entity with datetime field

I got some problems with timezones on my custom entity with a datetime field. After importing the entities (directly to the database), e.g. the datetime field for one entity is filled with "2016-09-08T16:00:00". When I'm editing this entity via the entity edit form, I'm getting 18:00:00 as the time prefilled in the form element.
So this seems to be a timezone problem, as the Drupal setting for the timezone is Europe/Berlin (+2?). Is there any way to completely disable the timezone feature either for Drupal at all or at least for this specific field?

seeking modules

sorri.perhaps the question is not asked where you want
please tell me. whether there are modules for version 8 next assignment
1. notifications on events in the topics or blogs where comments are left ... but not by mail and received on the site
2. private messages received on the site, too,
users should be free to choose whether to receive all mail
PS. I'm not a programmer))))
PSS. We do a site for communication

I can't Save setting "Custom menu link"

I have problem translate menu link item. I go to /admin/config/regional/content-language and check true "Custom menu link” click Save configuration then reload page but check box not save "Custom menu link”

Download Files Problem


I have a custom form created in Drupal 8 and all it does is accept a date range which I use to fetch data from a custom table, format it into a CSV file and download the file. My final code is as follows:


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