Why are the default themes looking broken?

I just did a completely clean install of drupal 8.1.0 (minimal profile) and activated the "Seven" theme... This was the result:


What happened here? It looks pretty badly broken. How do I fix it?

Same thing happens to Bartik...

Best strategy to enable search in aggregator items?

I have a site running Drupal 7 with a bunch of feeds configured in the aggregator module. The built-in search module seems to be limited to nodes, which aggregator items are not. What is an easy and effective solution to enable search in aggregator items? Do any modules exist that can help without importing the feed items as nodes?
Or any chance that Drupal 8 has a more powerful search module suitable for the purpose?

I need a paid drupal guru to instruct me

Hello, I need some one to pay 20 dollars monthly to help and mentor me on the way my learning curve through drupal 8 module development. The fee may be lower than you expect because in our country dollar is too high, salaries low. I don't disturb you too much only you will help me finding tutorials, help me understand a few things.

-> What I have learn so far is creating a module, creating forms for configuration

How to remove html markups on twig template in D8.

I have implemented ds-1col--node-blog-post.html.twig template in this page we are rendering {{ content.body }} but the data is display with markups.

Impossible to save changes when Preview is required

It is impossible to save changes to a custom content type that I have made. I have set the Preview before submitting to Required.

It is possible to make new content of this custom type, but every time I try to edit this content, the content is not saved. After pressing Preview and then the Back to editing and then Save, the article is not saved. The content is still editing mode.

When I go to Reports - Recent log messages, I find no relevant error messages.

This must be a bug, right?

How can i change vertical menu to horizontal


In drupal 7 the admin menu is horizontal. In drupal 8 the menu is vertical and takes large part of the page.

How can i change admin menu as drupal 7?


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