Automatic Upgrades

Now I know that the Drupal community has a strong attitude against allowing automatic updates as a core feature, but excluding it is a deal breaker for me. I have spent hundreds of hours with drupal with joy until reality kicked in and I realized that it is just not practical for me to use for any site of significant value. It came to a point where the cms would break almost every 15 days, and required at least 6 - 12 hours of extra work to safely transition from the rapidly outdated versions of drupal. In the past I had almost been an evangelist preaching the underestimated value of the drupal cms. If it's true that Drupal is used by millions of people then it's likely that millions of man-hours are being wasted in frustration on this with many thousands of sites going extinct because it is too much work to maintain.

WordPress is a practical solution as it offers automatic updates. Could you imagine what would happen if Microsoft Window's was incapable of having automatic security patch updates and upgrades? Microsoft can do it, WordPress can do it, Drupal 8 and Dupal 9 ought to be able to do it. It's not a matter of it being too difficult, it's just a matter of being stuck in old habits and being unwilling to change.

Libraries: default folder name per library

According to Libraries description:

Libraries API addresses the problem of different modules including the same third-party library multiple times and accidentally creating version conflicts or double-inclusions errors. When modules use Libraries API (and the module) a library is downloaded once in sites/all/libraries (or site-specific libraries folder) much like a theme and all modules that need it can use the library from a central location.

This page is trying to solve the problem of "double-inclusions errors". Each library should provide a unique folder name so every drupal installation should follow that pattern. Also, this page can be a one stop place for every developer that would like to use a 3rd party library into their module.

"Page Not Found" experiencing problems with links....


Immediately after successfully installing drupal 8 dev. [ local machine ]:

Not work any of the links !!!!

Always show this page:


Not Found

The requested URL /node was not found on this server.
Apache/2.2.22 (Unix) DAV/2 PHP/5.3.15 with Suhosin-Patch mod_ssl/2.2.22 OpenSSL/0.9.8r Server at Port 80


Cant login in to my website even with /?=user

Hey! Would appreciate any help with an issue i have

A site i have was getting spammed for user name and passwords, So i disabled the user login block think i could still login with

but that just takes me back too the homepage?? there is no content too display alowing me too login, is it best to reupload the user module and overwrite the original or is there another way around which will let me login!!

The theme is danland if that has any bearing!!

Thanks for any answers in advance guys


Contributor task: Manually do accessibility testing of a patch for a Drupal issue

On this page:

To get help completing this task, see the Getting help completing your task page. The #drupal-accessibility irc channel might have people in it to chat with about coding and accessibility issues and extensions in Drupal.


From an accessibility point of view, manually test a patch (software fix) for a reported Drupal issue to verify that it resolves the issue and does not cause other regressions (new bugs). The Accessibility section of the core gates documentation page has more information.

Skills needed

Some familiarity with the module, theme, or task is helpful, but not required. You will also need to apply a patch to a test site.

Core jquery not loading when logged out

I have a confusing problem with my drupal 8 development, If i am logged in the core jquery is added to the pages, no problem but if I log out the the script is removed.

Also not loading if logged in and not on home page

I have this in my info file:-

; Scripts
; Include all useful JS plugins
; global.js can now be included globally as it is fixed to work with older jQuery versions
; Removed need for jqueryUI to be included by using the lightweight color plugin


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