When bringing up 2nd drupal 8 site, homescreen of first site is displayed

Any ideas on this one? I have two Drupal 8 sites running on distinct virtual hosts in Apache2 on an Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS linode. One site been running fine for a few months, the other has just been installed (with a distinct document root, separate MYSQL database). This is not a multisite, shared-code setup. Site 1 is at 8.1.7, Site 2 at 8.1.8

The virtual host configuration works - I've tested it with placeholding index.php files.

access denied to sites->default->files->styles

I installed drupal 8.1.8 and the problem I have is that when I try to save any style image sites-> default-> files-> Styles gives access denied error anonymous user, but I enter the system as an administrator and I think the article as an administrator, the whole article is well created but no images are saved in the folder styles.

Thanks in advance for the help

Email contact non-existent in Drupal 8.

First issue: When attempting to send an email from a created contact form, this is the status messages received.

Configuration > System - Basic Site Settings > Site Details - Email Address "contact@websiteURLwithoutwww.school.state.com" This email address does not actually exist.
Contact Form recipient is a real email that is set up.

Not Working.

Render array parameters, <button> tags removed in D8

I am making a D8 site where I have some pages that will have Angular javascript to do some updates. The html for these pages are made in a custom module that also adds the JS. The problem is that some tags like <button> are beeing stripped away from the html code. I can of course do some creative JS replacement, but I am sure there is a way to do this properly.

The render array:

D8v1.8 to D8v2.dev

Man is so frustrating to try to deal with Drupal upgrade but I keep trying :-)

I need to import the config files from D8v1.8 to D8 v2.dev

A) I have a live D6 with the latest data
B) I have a D8v1.8 migrate from an older D6 with my configuration information
C) I have D8v2.dev migrated from the latest D6

I want to accomplish:
1) bring in the latest nodes from my D6 live site to D8v2.dev
2) Import the config information from my D8v1.8 to my D8v2.dev

ERROR 404 after a while, clear cache fixes this. Why?

Hi, I have been troubles with my Drupal 8 site, it seems to work fine but after a while suddenly I get a 404 error that is fixed when clearing all cache. As a hint, I have debugged by clearing separately each type of cache: CSS and Javascript, Menus, Plugins and Static caches. But this does not fix the issue, the issue is only temporary fixed by clicking on Flush all caches options.


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