I'm creating an intranet that needs to generate and scan barcodes.
I'm using the barcode module in order to generate the barcodes.
Does Drupal have a ready, out of the box, module/ application/ device/ integration that can read/ scan those barcodes?
Should I use a USB barcode scanner, for example like this one, that will scan the barcode and insert it into a field like if you had typed it from your keyboard?


Honeywords module?


Would anyone be interested in developing or helping me develop a Honeywords module? Based on the principle of Honeywords from this MIT paper explained in this article.

i don't want to sell online i just want to put information about available products in my shop


i would like to know which modules or theme should i add to Drupal

this is an example

i don't want to sell online i just want to put information about available products in my shop

Thank you in advance !

D8 install error "The service definition "request" does not exist."

I'm trying to install Drupal 8. I get stopped on the install with the error "The service definition "request" does not exist.". This occurs after "Choose profile". It happens with both choices Standard or Minimal.

This is with a local Kubuntu 12.10 Lamp setup. Currently D6 and D7 installs are setup and working and the D8 is setup the same.

Any ideas? Is there a special or better place to get help with Drupal 8?

Upload jpg into basic page

I am new to Drupal and have just loaded the CMS on a server. When creating an article I can see the line of the Editor "nice" and at the bottom a section entitled "Image". It allows me to browse my computer and to easily upload a picture. If I create a basic page and if I want to do the same thing, this section "Image" is not there. Do I need to configure something in order to have this section "Image" when creating a basic page? Thanks, Manfred

D7 to D8 upgrade: fields, widgets and formatters

Why not try the example module explained on this page yourself? Download

For fields, their widgets and their formatters, hook-implementations in D7 are replaced by classes with annotations in D8. For instance, the schema definition that used to live in the .install file has moved to the class that lives in modulename/lib/Drupal/modulename/Plugin/Field/FieldType/ModuleNameItem.php. So often, after upgrading your project won't have a .install file anymore.

Here's in summary what you'll have to add to re-instate the functionality provided by your field hook implementations.
In the /modules/modulename/lib/Drupal/modulename/Plugin/Field folder you need to create the 3 following files, each holding a class and its magic annotations.

  • .../FieldType/ModuleNameItem.php
  • .../FieldWidget/ModuleNameWidget.php
  • .../FieldFormatter/ModuleNameFormatter.php

Below are examples of the files above, plus .info.yml and .module files that when put together form a working example of a module that programmatically creates a text field, widget and formatter. Through the "Manage fields" UI this field may be attached to any entity type.


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