Start location by Geolocation Module

Hello everyone,

is there an option to set the start location at Google Maps, using the Geolocation Module? I have already tried with the "Google Maps Additional Parameters" by "Web Services Settings" and the JSON styles by "Field->Widget settings". Noone shows any change at the behavior of the Map.

I am in Ecuador. Google Maps starts with some location at the cost of Africa!

Thanks in advance for your help.


Caching problems when updating nodes by external program

I have a php written bot who updates several drupal content nodes every 15 minutes. It updates two existing numeric fields with current values. It is running so far, but:

I'm using the redis module and some redis settings to use the caching not within the db but in memory. The updated values don't get visible until I clear the cache using the admin web gui backend functions /under performance).

What I'd like to: Clear the right places in the cache via the external program.

Currently I'm trying this:

hook_taxonomy_term_update in Drupal 8


how to use hook_taxonomy_term_update in drupal 8?

Drupal 8 - Browser language detection + URL detection


I have a Drupal 8 install with English configured as default language, plus French as second language.

How can I select language with browser language detection, but also change the URL and the language selector block ?

Example : If my browser is in French, I want to be redirected to, but keeping the possibility to go to the english version with the language selector.

Documentation Help


I'm looking for the Drupal documentation. When I follow the link to Documentation on the Drupal site, I only see one-sentence short descriptions of what the page is supposed to have. There is a message at the top of the page, which appears to be about 4 months old, about some sort of migration. Although maybe the migration is just now happening.

I downloaded the distribution and unpacked, I do not see documentation.


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