Articles auto promoted to top of front page?

I am running Drupal-8.2.4 on Linux, which seems properly installed. I am attempting to create my first few articles in my first test site (just placeholders, not real content). I am a new to Drupal and to web programming.

According to the tutorial I am using, newly created articles should be automatically placed at the top of the home page, provided that:

Help with error

Hello everyone

When converting a Drupal 7 module to Drupal 8 I get this error:

Warning: rename(sites/drupal-8.testmodule.dd/files/php/twig/.594ce3a1d5,sites/drupal-8.testmodule.dd/files/php/twig/d695662b_maintenance-page.html.twig_77ffdebe00eb3c9e56a4f4d97a94a0c532e4e289173a3f37b7afc26a61bced05/af7daa87df2fba7772c26e3c06411b3f0e6e93bd204cbd09de73eae72abe8979.php): No such file or directory in Drupal\Component\PhpStorage\MTimeProtectedFastFileStorage->save() (line 86 of core\lib\Drupal\Component\PhpStorage\MTimeProtectedFastFileStorage.php).

change body via hook_mail_alter() not working


I'm using Drupal 8 and I'm trying to change/update the body content into the function hook_mail_alter() using the parameter $message['body'].

I found that $message['body'][0] is a MarkupInterface but the only thing I can do with it is calling the function $message["body"][0]->__toString() to get the body as a string; (I really don't know what this MarkupInterface is used for).

Delete orphan files

Hi, i am new using Drupal 8 and i have a little issue creating fields of a content type. I deleted a content type but i cannot reuse the machine name of this fields in a new content type. What can i do to delete this fields and use their machine names in my new content type?


NotFoundHttpException in RouteCollection.php line 161:


I am using Drupal 8.2. My local site is working. I put it to the server. And it gives following error message

"NotFoundHttpException in RouteCollection.php line 161:"

site url is : http://ip address/site

I have changed the .htaccess file and uncomment following lines and test but still got error.

RewriteBase /site

and one below on separate occasions.

RewriteBase /

Any help is much appreciated.

Entity/field definitions bug

I've got Drupal 8.2.4 running and after some effort I was able to update the modules to the latest revisions.
A major issue of course is CTools, which does not state there are dependencies, and as to be expected there are dependencies.
One of the dependencies is Entity and after installing Entity and all the other patches I found this error in my status page

Mismatched entity and/or field definitions
The following changes were detected in the entity type and field definitions.

The node.panelizer field needs to be updated.


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